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  • Well.. the f2p//p2w model attracts a certain caliber of player and behavior. I don’t think it’s much different between the neverwinters, to fortnighters, and of course sports games. It’s a bad idea, which is also quite profitable, making it a slow motion train wreck across al of gaming. By train wreck I mean that I’d wager…
  • I usually start passing it around without moving it up ice. If I’m on the other team I don’t try to score cheap ones and do the same thing with passing it around. Definitly doesn’t work all of the time but it’s fun ticking them off. Sadly the only option sometimes is to quit. Online gaming may be great but the ability to…
  • 6v6 during the day yesterday. Didn’t notice anything one way or another either.
  • Try low/high/fixed during eashl. There are issues with the snap zoom and panning which make the camera unrealistic to use presently. However they do give a better perspective relative to speed. They are actually pretty fun as well...lol..until you get crushed (or a bit lost) because of them. Anyway..hopefully next year we…
  • Even if they didn’t go forth with a hybrid ...things like being able to choose stick curve, rigidity would be nice incremental gain. I’d kinda want to be able to practice with my eashl toon though. Part of tinkering is testing
  • In on Xbox. Usually play a sniper or dang. 5’9” 176 and a 6’2” 190 grind. the bumps don’t feel Incorrect at any given moment. When using a bump you have to remember the goal of it is purely disruption. As in if I’m trailing the play (north/south)and have almost caught up, but it’s too late to get good position on the guy,…
  • I’d guess that they went to the class system because it was seen as a good way to achieve balance. Personally, I’d like attributes going so far as to have stick curve, stiffness etc affect shots and stick handling. Loved tinkering with my toon during the mmo’s days and would like to tinker here too. Just doubt they would…
  • Busy couple days so only got two games in today. Mid Atlantic east coast. I was just waking up, so grain of salt, but it was great. The game was actually noticeably quicker. My guy, more responsive.. looking forward to tomorrow.
  • Xbox 6’s While there is a lot to still tinker with..as I 5’9” dangler 175.. things feel pretty good hitting wise. With reasonable expectations there really isn’t anything glaring in the game I would argue for with hitting on either side of the puck. Details sure but letting the fur settle and then maybe little tweaks would…
  • I find if the other guys just owning you it’s almost necessary to do a few tie ups to get back on the horse. That could totally be in my head though..
  • It’s time to let the music go. I can yell at my house and it plays pretty much everything I want, everywhere and I’d guess most of us do by this point. Sounds, horns, whatever are well and good of course but spend the money on game play, mechanics, etc. let this fluff go from a budgetary perspective. It made sense before…
  • Soo this is going to take some time lol..pretty much a hot mess when it comes to getting the l1/lb press to register. I’m still pretty white knuckle though.
  • I just don’t to get why penalties were the way to solve the issue instead making it ineffectual.. except for small pies.. where it would be successful, partially successful, and trip. Hopefully in a week or two things will get better, but right now people are raging out on the daily. Obviously changing any ingrained…
  • Totally with you on this one. Class balancing around archetypes is so often a dumpster fire(looking at you, games like Neverwinter). It’s one of those ideas some executive pitches, and makes sound as if it makes sense, but really it’s boondoggle and takes away the fun of tinkering. Part of me things developers are afraid…
  • Maybe hits different but I’m just not seeing bumps as a problem. If anything I’d probably boost them 5-10% but that’s me.
  • Pregame would be cool. Figure it’s the roster Sounds like a cost effective way to add depth to the game overnight.
  • Rando question. Are you using an Elite Controller?
  • Just want to go on record that nothing in the way the game handles interference has offended my sensibilities. (Aside from the occasional hovering when you hit Y or accidentally stick lift someone away from the puck and can’t break either animation in time. But that’s my bad.) Seen a few people on the boards, then last…
  • No worries and will do. Going to give it a shot over tomorrow mornings coffee.
  • Turn down pass assist to zero (separate one for online) and have at it. There will be an adjustment period. So don’t quit after the first day or three..five lol. Personally, going into practice mode and skating circles attempting to hit stuff on the boards or pass them through the dots can help calibrate the thumbs

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