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  • It is quite sad that HUT is their main focus and they could care less about making this game represent real hockey. I never understood the love for HUT anyway, you have the same players on both teams often going head to head. Seeing duplicate players on the ice always turned me off of that mode, not to mention p2w aspect…
  • Absolutely, you are not the only one who is annoyed with the L2 protection bubble abuse. I gotta tell ya, I caved and bought NHL 20 to give it a chance thinking in October they would release a patch that would nerf L2 abuse and bring us closer to hockey. But again I was wrong, why do we even give these guys our money when…
  • Ohh boy, I can't believe the L2 back skate cheese has returned. I am so glad I didn't cave and pre order NHL 20. Somehow I knew that something like this would happen. Well I guess until L2 cheese and figure skating is fixed you can say goodbye to me as a customer for good. I already argued so much on the forum about this…
  • The only reason I haven't pre-orderd the game is because I was afraid of puck ragging and figure skating coming back. EASHL wasn't bad but in online versus it was quite easy to rag the puck. It is only the beta, but if NHL 20 full release has puck ragging in it, I think ill skip it. I've seen enough of that over the last…
  • What annoys the hell out of me about the AI in vs/hut is when we don't want them to perform simple defensive actions like stick lift, pokecheck or shove players but somehow it's all good for them to bat pucks out of mid air without looking and deflect pucks? I mean come on. Short side goals are still pretty cringey.…
  • I’d love to see authentic goal songs or custom music return. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a soundtrack so bad and cringey in my life as NHL 19. I hate the colour blue now, I wonder why that is.. :D
  • Idk why people think the puck is a magnet and It’s supposed to stay glued to your stick. Why do certain players think that If you run directly into a Defenseman or forward that the puck should stay on your stick and you should have perfect balance? A tip would be try to avoid the other team, don’t skate into them. You…
  • If you read my post you’d see I was talking about versus. I am just saying that AI just lets you skate circles around them and do absolutely nothing. Kind of like pylons, you know what I’m saying? You can’t rely on them to do the simplest things. I just think they went too far in nerfing AI for versus because some abused…
  • The AI in this game is basically useless. I have been playing nothing but EASHL since the new tuner. I just played a game of versus and I cannot believe how garbage the AI is, lol. You can literally skate right in front of them and they do nothing. Hockey is a team game, making the AI this useless makes no sense tbh. Skill…
  • I don't understand why some are saying it's way different than the beta because to me it's almost the exact same. You can still make crushing hits and incidental puck loss is still in the game. Great job on this tuner though, It's a lot of fun to play. Feel better.
  • Right on the money, well put. It’s a blast playing D now that you can crush raggers and short side wrist players. Nothing better than blowing up forwards with their heads down coming over the blue line. That doesn’t work anymore. Heh
  • I am loving this tuner, played a lot of EASHL tonight as a 6'3 OD and had a blast. I was laying yuge checks on raggers and felt defense was actually fun. Will give EA props on this tuner, it's really good. Some weird short side goals going in though but besides that I love the game right now. Thanks EA. :D
  • Nice to see this EA, good job on listening to the community. Very excited to play the new tuner, you guys got my support for NHL 20. :D
  • It's funny to read players still arguing for one man show offense, If you want to avoid losing the puck so easily then pass the puck, don't hold on to it too long. I don't know how many times people skate right into the defense and then get mad they lost the puck. If you ever played hockey in real life you would realize…
  • The reason a lot of people are suffering with this tuner is because they refuse to pass. They hold on to the puck for too long and wonder why they can't generate any offense. You can complain about OP bumps all day but in the real world if you refuse to pass that's what happens. Expect to lose the puck every time if you…
  • Yeah, I've heard the same from club and drop in. Don't think I've come across anyone complaining besides on the forum. Really hoping EA takes the feedback and can replicate the good things in this tuner and maybe add to it. Hopefully the end result will be a realistic, fun hockey game. I personally would like to see the…
  • It’s been awesome fun, I had to get away from ps4 cause I was playing too much. Lol, I hope they release 1.05 shortly after this rollback and it is similar to 1.0.
  • - I would like to be able to set custom goal celebrations for HUT and versus. Cause imop the ones we have now are old, classic but would like to have the option to set my own. - Return of Authentic songs
  • After 3 days playing this tuner I like it more and more every time I play. I feel as if any goal that is scored on me I'm always at fault and could have prevented it. There is not really any cheese that I've seen in versus or 6's. A lot of the games feel like how an NHL game would play out, and some real nice goals to go…
  • I sure as hell hope not, this has been great. Can’t think of the last time I had this much fun playing a game.

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