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  • I mean if you go to mcdonalds they take your order you pay them they give you your drink an tell you to go sit and your food is being worked on an itll be right out and 3 hours passes no one has come over to give you an update on your order an youre still sitting there would you just be patientan keep waiting or would you…
  • Patience is good yes but when the game only has a 52 week cycle and its already been 3 weeks since initial early release and its still missing one of the main advertised features with no communication in that time you cant expect people not to be upset by it if by chance we get them in 2 weeks thats 10% Of the games life…
  • My guess since its an age issue seems as simple as adding the players editing ages and releasing as a roster update would be the easiest fix so they could be waiting for the season to start for the first official roster update with rookies off season moves ect and the official roster update might be when we get the legends…
  • We've been aware of the cause for some time and we know theyre working on it but that information is weeks old with nothing but silence in that time hence the "update" request a timeline some acknowledgment not weeks of silence the devs have been very vocal about hut and online issues as i already stated even if the update…
  • Would be nice if we could control more than one team at a time like you can in the show im always torn between playing as my leafs an starting my hometown expansion franchise would be fun to be able to do both at the same time
  • You almost had it swap out jc penny for footlocker an you woulda had a good one there lol
  • An update at least would be nice its been 2 weeks since release devs have been very vocal about hut and online issues but franchise issues seem to not be on their radar they may be working on it but theres no communication on the matter @NHLDEV could we get an update at the very least please an thank you?
  • Yea after all the complaints about custom rosters in franchise last year looks like they rushed to add it in but didnt do any testing on it whatsoever because the year issue is apparent as soon as you start a franchise with custom rosters or they did test it and know about the issue but couldnt fix it and figured the…
  • Yea you can create a 32nd expansion team and realign the divisions
  • Just loaded up the game to check for you when you start it gives you classic 32 team expansion with default roster 32 team expansion with custom roster you need to pick 32 team expansion with default roster not custom an it has the 2018 draft class
  • Theres 2 different roster options you can pick when you start your franchise i think i know i had the same issue i restarted changed it an drafted svechnikov 2nd overall i cant recall exactly but theres an option somewhere
  • I got "gretzky" in franchise mode drafted first overall franchise med potential and wayne gretzky was his comparison player not the same as the real gretzky but ill take it i paid a ton to move up in that draft too
  • People have been saying this for years but rammer has said theyve tried builds with this type of collisions and that it just wasnt very "fun" so seeing the trend towards over the top arcade 1s and 3s theyve put authentic hockey on the back burner an just want arcade "fun" so the people who actually do find an authentic…
  • I gave up on it i replayed that game like 8 times had countless breaks but i never get credit for it i actually did Finnish one of the breakaway challenges after on a pro difficulty games with mcdavid i only had like half a step on the defender but got credit for it but on rookie when i clearly have 4-5 strides on the…
  • Its the right bumper the button above the right trigger or R1 on ps4
  • Just finished first season 32 team expansion franchise seemed more reasonable for me in terms of shutouts 3 goalies had 9 shutouts each 5 goalies had 8 shutouts each and 3 goalies had 7 shutouts each Scoring seemed to be up as well McDavid led the league 49g 49a 98p there were 3 50 goal scorers Malkin Ovetchkin and Tavares…
  • Auction house Buy Low Sell High I never had the patience to just sit on the AH all day to make coins but it can be profitable if you dont get bored to death by it
  • It does sound like the usual EA run around and excuses but not surprising If the issue is just with ages in franchise then why cant they just release a roster update with all legends edited to 18 years old so theyre NHL eligable an can play full careers seems like an easy fix age doesnt really affect any other game modes…
  • They feel slightly fasrer this year in franchise at least so they went from extremely slow to really slow in one year at this pace by 2025 they might be on par with other AAA titles menu speeds
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