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  • I have noticed and had to play with this for years even. No difference from P2P and server play, same delay kicking in. Always random times. Game is nice and smooth then at some point fat man lag kicks in. Mostly a couple mins in sometimes, in the 3rd and occasionally get a full smooth game. Always end up a .5 sec behind.…
  • Depending what screen your on you just need to refresh it. If your in the AH with multiple pages just switch the page back and forth. If there is only 1 page hit the search button again. If your in my bids switch the amount of days for you my bids display and it will refresh.
  • I think they should make it an unsporting behaviour that gets you a suspension. Their quick strategies give little help and should probably be updated as well. It does feel good when you steal it when they’re ragging it and score.
  • I think this is true. I believe Connection is the issue. Your location and EA server load seem to be a problem. I’m about 2 blocks from my node 300/15. In MST, if I play during the day my team if sluggish/delay lag/stuck in mid what ever your want to call it. If I play at night after 10 the game feels how it should. This…
  • Not a passive aggressive challenge. Just want to see if you still have the same thoughts after a game or 2. Levis9099 Xbox usually on after 10 mst weekday, Friday day, randomly weekends.
  • When did I say poor me or why can’t I do it to others? It happen to me for better or worse and I recognize when I’m out played or my opponent is outplayed. I haven’t assumed anything here, just stating my experiences. Here’s my first assumption of the post. You have been on the forum so long every post with this similar…
  • You assumption here is pretty far off. I’ll explain a little better. My understanding of the game, real and video, are fine. What I’m talking about is quite the opposite of your statement. It’s the players that have a poor understanding of the game that give up the situation I’m talking about with their poor play. Much…
  • [/quote] Did you bother looking at the network graphs he posted? Its clearly a connection issue on either his side, his opponents side (since he was on ovp) or the ea servers. Take your ea bashing elsewhere.[/quote] Not bashing anything just looking for an answer to the original question in the post.
  • @Funamescia Don’t waste your time since it already sounds like you’ve done the reasonabale troubleshooting. I probably put on 50+ hours in trying to fix it over the next gen years. I’ve had the same problem and work for my isp, every new modem or new upgrade the company did gave some hope it would help but the gameplay has…
  • Now I see what you were originally talking about. Lose connection even before the puck drops, said I lose season points but didn’t check where it was at before the game The game doesn’t even register in recent games.
  • People quit CS qualifying because in round 2 you can usually qualify with 1 or even 0 wins. Why play 2 or 3 pointless games? Some probably quit all 5 just for the free pack too. This set up messes with rankings. Quit 8 games and get a free pack, sounds about right.
  • Your absolutely correct but not what I have the issue with. Straight line into the zone and th AI can’t hold the line. Just played 6 online hut games and 19 offsides with all different opponents D statagies. What’s the easiest way to post videos here. Spent ten minutes about to do it and had better thing to do. I’ve almost…
  • 1 of 4 games in the last 20 has given lost connection to players. No disconnect from server. Maybe this is why they stayed away from dedicated servers the last couple years. Just garbage online experience
  • Not really looking for tips on zone entry. If your skating in a straight line without making a move at the blue line there is nothing for the ai to do except stay onside. If someone is playing skill zone 1-4 D it takes the passing options away. If your on a 2 on 1 and the ai is the head man the opponent just has to cover…
  • Checked his stats doesn’t seem to be done on purpose. Looks to be a dumb EA glitch. How do you get disconnected from the player but not the server when your playing on the server?
  • How do you get coins mid game while your supposed to be on a P2P connection?
  • That is a common thing in delay lag. Press up while your player doesn’t respond and goes with is initial momentum. If he was playing in a locked position and the ai does the same thing how would that be explained?
  • First off I live on the west coast, Common theme for this issue over the years. No problems until next gen consoles came out. I’ve been with and worked for the same isp for 16 years. It’s not on my end, if it was I could fix it. My node has no congestion No one else eating up bandwidth in the house. Always wired have tried…
  • I very aware they say it’s peer to peer. If one has a bad connection then why would the ping not show it. 10ms delay lag. 50ms smooth game or vise versa. Why do you get the same delay when playing against the cpu in Challenges? Why do I get the exact same delay playing eashl? There’s no issues on my end. I work for my isp.
  • 100% during EA peak times in vs. Pings are always still good but the gameplay is always slower. Makes no since when they say it’s P2P. 3-7 eastern during the week and all day Saturday are delay games. This time of year it always gets better as less people are playing compared to the beginning. I'd still like to see one of…
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