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  • How are people even playing drop in? Matchmaking simply does not work for me and my friend. We can only play Arcade Threes or whatever. For some reason matchmaking works for that but not EASHL Drop In.
  • Really frustrating don’t have a ton of time for games and sitting here for 5+ minutes just seems ridiculous.
  • Indeed cannot find a game trying to play EASHL drop in. East coast US, 9 pm est. Population has been normal and high.
  • Sorry you're having connection issues. Did you check the connection quality before the game?
  • In online vs do the team stats matter or are the teams treated as equal for an online vs match? Team stats matter, but usually the more skilled player wins regardless of the teams chosen. A great player playing as the Coyotes can beat a bad player playing as the Penguins. For the training camp does it ever move on to a…
  • Eh. I think NHL 3's was a pretty fun, casual, sort of "gimmick" mode and instead of adding a new mode that would appeal to the same crowd, they should focus on a different segment of their audience. I'm thinking more the "hardcore" fans, so something like GM Connected. I agree, some more highlights and diversity therein…
  • Sure, some of that may be true. It is a business as you said and EA certainly wants to sell as many copies as possible each year. I do not believe features are deliberately ripped out or removed in order to reintroduce them as "new" years later. For example, EASHL was not removed from NHL 15 in order to sell more copies of…
  • Eh, that's all pretty subjective. I think NHL 16 was a solid game, and was well-refined in NHL 17. NHL 18, unfortunately, is pretty similar to those prior games and in my opinion, the gameplay has gotten a bit stale. A lot of resources went into NHL 3's from my understanding, and that's not a mode for me. Also while the…
  • What's funny about this is I think part of the problem with NHL 15-18 is the gameplay is pretty similar. This was also true for NHL 10-Legacy. New platforms seem to present an opportunity for a completely new gameplay experience but that also likely necessitates the loss of a few features just in terms of time and…
  • Hopefully they add HDR support to all versions of the game next year. It is in Madden and FIFA, but I also understand implementing HDR is more difficult than bumping the resolution. For example, Halo 5, which came out in 2015, added variable 4K resolution and made some other enhancements for Xbox One X, but did not add HDR…
  • There are legitimate gripes to be had with this year's game, as with any game published by any developer. You make some fair points in your post here, but you also bury your feedback amongst a lot of insults and disrespect directed at the developers and franchise. It makes it hard to take your feedback seriously and for a…
  • 1. NHL Live Similar to Madden and NBA. Weekly roster and commentary updates (since every day is asking too much), display real life stats and records in-game. I don't have too much time for NHL these days, so if I could turn on the game and play an offline or online game and have all the stats, records, and rosters be up…
  • I'll let someone else who is actually a Game Changer explain the intricacies, makeup, and activities of the current group, but I do know that things like defensive skill stick, and certain quality of life changes in the front end menu (i.e., how teams are selected, matching team size, showing connection quality as the game…
  • I think you only need one ref for things like EASHL, but I would like to keep authentic officials for online versus and offline modes. Or in offline modes, give users the option. Personally I have never been bothered or noticed the four officials. I certainly don't think they impact gameplay in any capacity.
  • I'm kinda confused by the feedback on the game feeling "slow." If you want 100 MPH, arcade action that's pure offense and hitting, there's NHL 3's for you now.
  • Well first of all you're talking about something I may have said 6 years ago, so I don't blame you if your memory is a bit fuzzy. I have no idea what "developed for 3 years" even means. What I actually told you is they had a 3 year plan for transitioning to more real time physics instead of canned animations (hitting, then…
  • Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.
  • This has been my experience as well. Here's hoping.
  • Closed. If you are unhappy w/ the game, please provide constructive feedback instead of breaking things.

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