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  • Talking strictly offline, since I absolutely don't care about any of all these online modes at all. I'd like to see some Winter Classic stadiums with the event integrated in franchise mode. It would also be great, if we had classic arenas like the B…
  • (Quote) I feel you. It added wo much to authenticity.
  • - Definitely custom music. Something like we had last gen, or look at how MLB the show does it. - Let us create jerseys and upload logos for existing teams, just look at NBA 2k. - Let us create or change arenas for existing teams. It would be cool…
  • Was fun when we had custom music back in the days.
  • Sometimes the crowd doesn't even really react when the home team scores. Arena atmosphere is beyond bad. Some goal horns/songs are so messed up, i.e. at the VGK arena the song starts way before the horn, which sounds so bad. We desperatly need custo…
  • Just give us custom music back, so everyone can listen to whatever the heck they want.
  • Sorry, couldn't resist... [https://youtu.be/bAXPUN2z2CE
  • (Quote) One (very minor) thing I don't really get is: why do the WC jerseys have the WC patches when you can't actually play the WC game? Dallas and Nashville wore their jerseys in regular games after the WC without the patch. On the other hand the…
  • (Quote) I totally agree that there are more important things. I remember not playing WC games a lot when they were in last gen games. But it was fun to play them once in a while. I guess it doesn't make much sense for the current gen at this point,…
  • (Quote) To be honest, I have no idea how the whole licensing thing actually works. But EA owns the rights to all NFL stadiums, right (is there even a college football game by EA?)? The models are already there for Madden, so couldn't they at least …
  • (Quote) Agree with everything. Would add: 16. Custom music
  • (Quote) The crowd actually never wears your created jerseys, just some random jerseys that have the right colors and the logo on it. Pretty weird, but at least from a distance you don't really notice. As for alumni teams: we should be able to crea…
  • Bring back a realistic broadcast package. The one we have now is way too arcadey. And just put the scoreboard back on top, please.
  • Wow, the game plays amazing offline. I probably just had the three greatest games ever since i started playing the series back in 96. Keep up the good work gameplay-wise! Now, if we could just have custom music, roster sharing and more player likene…
  • (Quote) Is there a new roster update? (Sorry, I'm working, and can't check myself) And does it have anything to do with commentators not saying goalies names?
  • (Quote) Even in the PS3/Xbox360 era you were able to stream playlists from your computer, this sounds like a lazy excuse. Just look at what MLB the show did. I made a thread about this whole custom music thing: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discuss…
  • (Quote) It's a request ever since it was taken out. Come on, dude, make yourself heard ;) The devs should listen to you, don't they?
  • (Quote) You could make a playlist with thousands of songs... And more important, you could use your own music for goal songs, during breaks, intros etc.
  • Custom music would be the solution...
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