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  • I saw your post and your reply to mine. My thing is that I'm tired of joining other people's club and I want to play a very specific style of hockey that a very small ratio of people on this game know how to pull off. So that is why I decided to try to start my own. Also it is nice to start fresh sometimes. But if you want…
  • I'm putting together a squad with only players who move the puck. I.played d for years in eashl and I know there is nothing worse then playing with forwards who don't involve the d and just dangle around the ozone. Let me know if your interested PSN Meet-My-Heat
  • I'm putting together a club of older people who play a team game. Ice been in div1 clubs and vghl and all of that. Looking go people who want to have fun and invole all 5 players in the play.
  • I'm putting together a club of older players who cycle the puck and play team d. I'm also tired of kids who dangle all game and try to pad thier stats. Let me know if you are interested. PSN Meet-my-Heat
  • Whats up man. I don't have a club but I'm in.a similar boat and would like to play with you or try to get something going. I'm 28 live in California and just want to relax after work crack some jokes and play team hockey. I actually stopped playing club for a while because it was always the same thing "Yea we cycle" then…
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