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  • @KunFu_Panda_82 i think your players are just fatigued. Players with low 80 endurance will get one rush and be slow as hell after that.. my 94 Lemieux is still pretty atrocious for his endurance.
  • Ya I like both the ideas mentioned above^ It’s nice that Untradeable players are easier to get sometimes but it gets boring being stuck with the same players all season.
  • [quote="xPDogg65x;c-2186533"]Couldn’t you just make another line up and put the players you want to keep in the second one?[/quote] I never thought of that. Would it be accessible from where you edit your lines tho? That’s the main thing. Like it’s not a huge deal i guess I was more just suggesting it needs to be a thing…
  • I keep mine in random sets usually buts it’s a hassle when you have bronze silver and gold players that you can’t keep in the same set and you’re trying to edit your lines... lol
  • [quote="Racesunite;c-2186282"][quote="MiKe_OXlonG318;c-2186281"]Ya and everyone of the msps other then matthews is pretty much useless for anyone with a mediocre-good team.[/quote] That Lundquist looks like the best goalie in the game right now[/quote] Goalies with that low of aggression sit too far back in their net.…
  • Ya and everyone of the msps other then matthews is pretty much useless for anyone with a mediocre-good team.
  • Yes this new event is very good. Making hut rush even more useless to play now.. rush is the most enjoyable game mode for me and it seems they’re trying to get rid of it now.
  • And now they made the rewards not even worth playing. Idk what they’re thinking.
  • Yes I assume so
  • Ya they listen to henreek after he had a little hissy fit. I’m a division 2 player and I find Hut rush way more enjoyable. I don’t have to sweat, stress and exploit glitches just to win.
  • Hut* and it’s not just this week. The last hut rush rewards were horrible too. Do they not to want us to play it ? Lol
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