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  • Roughly in the order of highest to lowest priority: - Improved AI with new strategy options (they haven't changed in over 10 years now) - Make it more difficult to rag and easier to counter ragging - Cross-play - A new playoff format for club (the current format is terrible) - Allow drop-in games to be played in a normal…
  • The ragging makes the game NOT FUN. I've bought the NHL games every year since 2010 (and some years in the 90s and early 2000s). I won't be purchasing NHL 22 if ragging is not addressed. I have no desire to dump another $60 on something that just isn't fun anymore.
  • Wait what? On this other thread you said the team was working on ways to deal with ragging: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/269476/what-is-ea-doing-to-combat-puck-ragging Has that been abandoned? Are you saying we there will be no improvement is this area for NHL 22? Also, which strategies are you referring to? I…
  • I upgraded my 94 style icon Ovi tonight. I was a little hesitant to spend 9 golds on it, but having played a few games with him I can already tell it was well worth it. Adding speedster to him does wonders.
  • I probably fuss over getting and keeping synergies too much. It limits the choices I have to upgrade my lineup, but I just can't help myself. :wink:
  • So what player ratings, angles and puck speeds do we need to achieve to complete the objective?
  • Gamer: "Your game has a major flaw that makes it utterly frustrating and not fun to play!" Developer: "Buy next year's version and hope we fixed it (no promises)."
  • Here's mine... not quite as stacked as you guys, but considering I got a bit of late start on HUT this year it's quite strong: https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=159tjyzfi1&tab=starting
  • Both Sony and Microsoft allow cross-play nowadays. A number of games have it.
  • The new sets are up. And the profiteers swooped in instantly to buy up the players needed for the sets and are relisting then at massively inflated prices.
  • It was dumb of them to name three separate, distinct groups of cards "fantasy". Your confusion is totally understandable.
  • That happens to me every time. I always have to play another game. That happened to me once before, played 2 games, only got the points for the 2nd game, not the 1st.
  • This bug has been there for years. The workaround is to manually flip through the lines, so in your case, hit B 5 times to cycle through the all lines back to the 2nd line... Nylander would then skate off as soon as possible like any other manual line change. I do wish EA would just fix this though, there's no excuse for…
  • I think it's a combination of different AI strategies and the fact that the AI is just massively inconsistent this year. Even with the same strategies, AI players are sometimes terrible, sometimes amazing. I see it in both HUT and EASHL 3s.
  • So now there is: This forum The Answers HQ forum Reddit Twitter I don't understand this, please explain. There should be one place for NHL information and support. Why four?
  • Other than the silly HUT Rush mode, mostly good news... A few unanswered questions: 1. Will there be any home games in Squad Battles or is it still road games only? 2. Is the scoring in Squad Battles still dependent on your opponents overall rating? If so, did you fix the problem of backup goalies having way too much…
  • They are re-releasing NHL 94 on the current consoles, only with current rosters. No word on whether it will support online play. The gameplay is completely different than the modern games, obviously.
  • @EA_Blueberry please clarify... is this "HUT Rush" kids-clown-mode replacing HUT, or in addition to HUT. If it's in addition to HUT, will there be a HUT deep-dive before release day?
  • Wait 'till you see NHL 21. In the beta, the AI D-man would just move out of way of opposing puck carriers, letting them go by, every time, regardless of strategies.
  • You don't say what strategies you're using, so I couldn't say. The general advice is don't chase. Just contain them to the outside, and cover the quality shooting lanes and one-timer passing lanes. The AI will eventually make a mistake and turn it over. Also try to pressure the AI as it first enters the zone so it can't…
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