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  • yes do i just send it to here or some where diffrent
  • Hi I do not know if this is the place or not to let someone from EA to know that there are people out there are sharing screen shots and videos of the technical test of NHL 21 on the internet and on the overviews it's self on the game and in the agreement we all agree not to do this at all
  • thanks for everything EA is doing please keep coming out with great games
  • hi i have one more question is NHL 21 coming out for the PS5 i heard that EA was not doing it this year but next year is this true
  • thanks the only reason i asked is because i am a loyal ea hockey game player i have bought every single one from day 1
  • sorry it took so long had internet problems but i did do the restore and i don't get it anymore
  • yes it does say that and i play on the PS4
  • no it happens about 4 to 5 times a week
  • when i am playing hut when the game is loading sometimes when i go to the auction house or squad battles or the hut challenges when the red circle goes around the EA circle in the corner it only done it once at the end of the game thanks for looking into this for me if it happens again i will take a picture send send it to…
  • Ok thanks alot and yuo and your family please be safe
  • the only reason i asked was because i am a mod in a hockey community i belong to and some of the members have been asking thanks for in info i will pass it on
  • one more question for you sorry but are we going to be able to do sets with your old monthly collectibles at all even if it is for a base pack or even coins at all even the other collectibles like the silver ones
  • I would like to to see squad battles stay and like to see a coaches challenge on goals but if you loss you get a you go to the box for 2 minutes and i would like to see the people play be a pro we get some coins like we did before so it might get people to play be a pro more often and from what i am reading is that some…
  • How about EA listens to the people who play the game the most not just the top people please EA listen to the rest of us who buy the game and spend the time and money on the game
  • Thank you for getting back to me and i have some ideas about NHL 21 if you guys would like to hear them just let me know and i have been playing and own all the hockey games that EA has put out
  • thank you for getting back to me i thought it might have just been a problem at my end i hope you get it figured out for the weekly challenges and i thought there might not be none this month because it is a short month but i will keep playing the game any way
  • Can someone at EA or anyone else tell me why i am only getting Snopp Dogg as the guest commentator and not the new one please let me know thanks i downloaded the patch
  • I know i am not a big you tuber but i have played all the NHL games that EA has put out from day 1.I love the way that we get a shadow on the ice from the mascot when they are on the left side yes i noticed that i would like to see the squad battles stay for next year i love that mode and the weekly challenges and the…
  • thanks for taking the time to answer me i will tell him to try settings way

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