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  • -Cross play(both platform and generations) -Transferable Be A Pro saves -Bring back pre-game presentation where your team skates out onto the ice(not a fan of current presentation)
  • It was never in actual NHL arenas, it was some made up arena. But yes the presentation in between faceoffs needs a big change. The shots of helicopters or the crowd if playing club games gets old really quick, especially if there just a big or something that happened.
  • Or defensive AI that knows how to turn around skate instead of skating backwards?
  • You're off by a year. Legacy Edition on the older systems was when NHL'16 came out.
  • They're awful. The guy that does the play-by-play sounds more like he should be doing some event in the Xgames.
  • There is no PS5 version of the game so everyone will be playing the same game regardless if you're playing on PS4 or PS5.
  • They meant that NHL 14 wasn't on the PS4/Xbox One.
  • EA doesn't want to get left behind by the likes of Activision so you can almost guarantee that the next Battlefield will feature cross-play.
  • Maybe it will be an October release this year with perhaps a beta in August or September. Yeah I've also been wanting to checkout Insurgency but as you said it keeps getting pushed back.
  • I thought it was usually around the time of E3 which would be June. Considering the 2020-2021 season likely won't start until November/December they could be holding off on announcing/showing off NHL'21 for a bit later.
  • Another way to increase the player base would be to implement cross-play going forward.
  • Not really. Bulk of the sales will come from people on PS4 and Xbox One, same for NHL'21, the new consoles are going to have relatively small player bases to begin with. Granted I'd like to see NHL'21 on next-gen but, having it on current-gen isn't going to hurt the game. Ideally NHL'21 would launch as a cross-gen game…
  • There should be healthy competition with EA and 2K making games. A monopoly either way isn't really good for gamers.
  • -Cross play(would give people more players to play with) -Cross gen play(if on current and next-gen) -EASHL practice mode -Fully featured next-gen game(no skipping or barebones game) -Transfer Be A Pro Save from previous game
  • > @Mr_Darklighter said: > Ya know we shouldn't be forced to play club just to get a clean distraction free sheet of ice to play on. Keep the outdoor stuff fine but news flash EA... just because it is out doors does not mean a rink is blue... and then to make away jerseys grey... what were you thinking. > > At the very…
  • Let's hope that EA doesn't repeat the mistakes it made going into the PS4/Xbox One cycle with the PS5/Xbox Series X and by that I mean, remember how there was no NHL for next-gen at the launch of the new consoles? We had to wait until NHL'15 and we all remember how barebones that game was. So EA, have it together this time…
  • So in EASHL 3s, are the goalies just going to be AI controlled or will human goalies be a thing in that mode?
  • They'll have to improve their severs if they ever allow more than 12 max in a game.
  • It needs to come back but give us a no clock free skate where we can do whatever we want, multiple pucks on the ice would be even cooler when doing shooting drills.
  • Vote to kick shouldn't just be limited to goalies. If someone is constantly going offsides intentionally or intentionally taking penalties or playing out of position they too should be kicked.
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