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    I'm not harping on the fact that the population is low. That is not the point of my post. If there are 5 guys on one side, and 1 on the other, then obviously SOMETHING is wrong. And to have it happen twice in 3 searches means that …
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    Matchmaking is a complete mess still. I decided to try to play a "quick" drop in game last night. I set my position as forward. I didn't find a match once, and the two other times I queued it was two 5 vs 1 lobbies. I just gave up …
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    I've seen much better results the past few nights. Getting a lot more 5 vs 5 games (although, there is the occasional instance where there is a complete mismatch - 5 vs 1 or 5 vs 2). I have yet to see a 6 vs 6, but I'm hoping come …
  • Depth in this game has been something that has been lacking since the switch to the current generation, which is somewhat to be expected. If you think about the last time the NHL series jumped to a new generation, it took quite a while for in-depth …
  • Even if they keep presets, at least give us options within each preset. For example, I would consider Toews, Kopitar, Bergeron all two way forwards, but they don't all play the same type of game yet there is only one type of two way forward build. H…
  • During the EASHL boom (NHL 11-14) I always hoped and thought that they would merge aspects of online seasons with Eashl, where the team gms could trade players, and teams could have multiple lines. Now that EASHL has essentially died, I don't think …
  • Yet this year they have released more subsets than ever before. They even released a "series 2" of the original set of players. Which just screams "money grab". What have they done with eashl since release? I'm not saying they have to revamp the who…
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    Yes, but let's also acknowledge that Hut is getting more attention during development because of the money it produces.
  • You look at EASHL when it was first introduced to now, and it's two different worlds. There was so much (Quote)
    I think the development team has somewhat lost their direction of where this game is headed and how they are going to get there.…
  • I want customization, but I don't want legend 3. The grind was way too ridiculous. The super builds from the last Gen games were a result of EA. Too many attributes didn't matter, so the ones that did matter could be maxed. So instead of trying to…
  • The matchmaking is absolutely horrendous. At this point it's either that the matchmaking is broken or literally no-one plays this game.
  • Good news. Ea left a message in the post I made in the Ea Answers forum and said they believe they have fixed the issue internally and are working to make the fix public soon
  • Yeah, we're pretty mad about the whole thing, and we weren't even in a high division. It's just the idea that we could play and get up to d1, and then something like this happens, and you can do nothing about it. And you figure that Ea would at leas…
  • Basically brought the team back to default settings, in terms of customization. And it did not resolve the issue. Sorry Laz.
  • Created a new club and it worked fine. Gm made changes to the jerseys a day before we came across this issue. We have the old club intact, and we are going to revert out jerseys to see if it somehow fixes the issue with not being able to get into th…
  • Might give making a new club another try
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    A lot of the guys you have listed are coming from the NCAA. I'm sure they will be included in the October roster update.
  • EA has an agreement with the ECHL, CHL, AHL, NHL and the European Leagues. They are legally not allowed to include players not in those leagues. That means that players drafted by NHL teams, who opted to go to university cannot appear in this game.
  • Yes, he is most certainly in the game, and I agree, people need to check this stuff before blindly posting that "Player A" is not in the game. My beef is with people saying "Player A" isn't on "Team B". This is the pre-season, there are going to be …
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    Kris Versteeg isn't even signed with the Oilers. He's at training camp on a Professional Try Out (PTO).
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