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  • In true competitive play there can only be 1 winner. The previous implementation allowed hundreds of winners without anyone really knowing who was the best. There will be rewards and banners for competitive teams even if they don’t rank #1. If you play club finals in the technical test you will see what I mean.
  • Unfortunately I can’t discuss what’s to come but I personally want to make practice more robust and intuitive longer term. What we accomplished for club practice I would consider foundational framework which we can build on.
  • I won’t go into how we decide to work on a feature and when, but in the goalie pull case most of the functionality was done a few years back when we tried to implement it but there was a bug where goalie stats weren’t being logged after they were switched to skater so we had to revert at that time. For this year it was…
  • Ah I see what you mean, no your club’s regular season division doesn’t reset, so no need to work your way back up to Division 1 for example
  • lol yes we have heard the ask for GMC and for custom player builds in WOC. I saw the poll as well but we also have to weigh in that maybe 5k people responded to that poll and that’s a very small fraction of our total user base. I’ve also heard feedback from people that our current build and player class structure is pretty…
  • It’s something we have been taking about for a few years on the team. We likely want to get there eventually but it is also a huge undertaking. No sports team has this currently, but perhaps some day we will be able to get it in.
  • It’s not quite as simple as just putting them in and letting people do what they want. Gameplay rules somewhat dictate what you can and cannot do vs your teammates or opponents. For example, you cannot stick lift your teammate currently. Also I never said defensemen aren’t include. I just said we had to choose one case…
  • That’s correct, when the season isn’t in the Club Finals state, you will progress in the regular season divisions which you can go up and down. It’s possible to go up or down in the qualified cup you will play in during the next Club Finals.
  • Although we didn’t add a “go to DR” option from the main menu, we did streamline the flows a bit, from 5 button presses to 3 to get to the DR you want Old flow: main menu > WoC HUB > Play > EASHL > Clubs > Clubs HUB > 3v3 or 6v6 DR New flow: Main menu > WoC HUB > Clubs > Clubs HuB > 3v3 or 6v6 DR
  • Banners will be available for any club finishing in the top 30% of each club and has different labels for each rank tier grouping within each cup. Pull goalie logic hasn’t changed. You have to be down by 1-2 goals in the final 2 minutes of a drop in game to pull the goalie.
  • The Club Finals are supposed to be at a single location that is easily recognizable, being an outdoor rink instantly does that. We wanted to be a spectacle like the Super Bowl is from a single neutral site. This also gives a clear indication when the season is in the regular season divisions state vs the Finals
  • Not having defensemen control in Open practice was a tough decision we had to make unfortunately. Our dressing room wasn’t quite setup to handle multiple teams being formed from the single team dressing room. We moved goalies to always be on the opposing team for example but some clubs may want defensemen in the offensive…
  • That was actually a bug last year. The team that searches first shouldn't get home server advantage, it should be based on the the locations of the people in the game. Specifically the bug was requested to be fixed by some leagues.
  • Thanks everyone, we heard about this late last year but didn't have enough info for our team to get it to happen. We got it once on Retail in NHL 20 but can't in our dev environments, which we DO need it to happen with extra debugging for us to pinpoint the cause of the issue. We will continue to try to track this down and…
  • Thanks for the feedback, especially the comment about having clubs playing against drop-in to reduce the sharding of the matchmaking pools. Perhaps that something we could look to extend to the other club modes in the future for more casual play to try to find and recruit players for your club.
  • You mean specifically the Goalie Pom Pom Toques right? I think i know why, i had 1 too many zero's in the metadata for those items. I'll correct the issue now. If it was skate Hundo Toques though, then I'm not sure of the issue.
  • We're working on it, thanks everyone
  • No, just never gave it too much thought, I don't post too often, so maybe that's why.
  • Have you tried this? check out page 11 it looks like if you have a second controlled signed in, that could the reason why you are getting the error https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Post-your-FTRD-information-here-Failed-To-Retrieve-Data/td-p/8194835/page/112
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