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  • This may get ugly based on the fact it is being streamed...the whole world will see the various issues with the game.
  • Points from some stupid algorithm dont matter, it should always be about the W-L-OT record first and foremost
  • I thought 2004 was 'ai defense = monster hits all the time" And Mr. Funny guy was actually Craig Simpson....for some reason if i recall. I also remember a weird slow motion thing too
  • Interesting that you pointed out 2003. I always felt 2003 was an attempt to make the gameplay from 2001 more realistic...except it turned out slow and unbelievably clunky when it came to movement and shot speed. HOWEVER, the sliders worked very well…
  • The kids dont understand the basic principle of respect. Every player should respect both their teammates and opponents. Dont troll your teammates, and play out a game no matter how bad it gets. Theres nothing more frustrating than waiting 20 minut…
  • A "snapshot" is just pushing up on the RS, while a "wrist shot" is pulling the RS either to your forehand side, rolling it back so you hold it diagonally behind you, and then pushing up. Mind you this is according to how the old gen games defined t…
  • And sadly that is why we will never see an exhibition game between the two leagues. No matter who loses, it means tons of fans will obsess over the result and swtich their viewership from one league to the other. I would love to see a game between …
  • Theoretically, cookie-cutter builds sound great until you actually play as them and realize all of them feel a little bit off. Then you have to consider for those who are clearly better than most at the game they say passing and shooting feels too …
  • He means to make a new (secondary) ps account to see if the no exp glitch only affects the OG primary account you are playing on, or if there is a huge glitch nobody seems to be aware of server side
  • I suppose also taking into consideration that some players rely on freezing the other center to win faceoffs. Is that glitch still as widespread as it once was?
  • It is marketing fluff. You can play certain modes with a friend on the couch with you that you couldnt before. Word of advice, dont buy NHL 18. At least wait for 19's promotional material to see what will be the selling point of that game. I didnt…
  • I never understood this "strategy" to be honest. We know how shoddy the puck pickups and collision detection are, yet players choose to run the risk of "winning" a faceoff, only to have the other team magically get possession because reasons.
  • If I recall, you used to be able to upload to the old EASportsWorld websites directly from the game without ever having to save anything on your computer on old gen. But now we have the possibility of saving content via Twitch, which is probably ev…
  • That would work really well if BAP allowed you to start your career as a Free Agent who has to go through proper team tryouts to prove to the coaches he deserves to be on the team. Different teams, depending how good or bad they are, should have di…
  • The Sam Reinhart situation might be that he doesnt want his image in the game, much like Michael Jordan used to prevent his inclusion in basketball video games. Although that wouldnt explain why his 16 year old picture is there lol
  • I dont want a story for BAP, but it does need something to make it feel fresh. Instead of a pre-determined story with cutscenes should we get branching "paths" which determine what aspects of our career are highlighted? Let me explain. Say we start…
  • They used to have this feature in old gen BAP mode. The coach would give you expectations at the beginning of the year based on your playstyle and overall relative to your teammates. For example, a grinder would be asked to body check way more than…
  • The moral of the story here is that Endurance and Durability training is very important in real life...but apparently not in EA NHL. That is some serious bad luck though. I've only been injured twice in all the BAPs i have played between NHL 11 and…
  • The truth is that even amongst the most casual of hockey fans, or amongst those who make the best out of what the game is in its current state...they all agree this game is the laughing stock of the sports genre of video games.
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