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  • (Quote) +10000000 signs
  • There is no progress for money. EA is only one. EA skillstick is still number one. Ok because 2k... 10 years we have not any big hockey aspect. 20 we have not good passing system. 30 we have not roster sharing... 35 we have not zamboni on ice during…
  • (Quote) The same as last year. Nhl19 on all-star was unplayable for me. Superstar nhl19 is very good. I found the nhl20 superstar little bit better. AI passing need some special slider for speed. There is no any real aspect if AI passing as laserga…
  • (Quote) "The game also introduces fake shots, drop passes, and the ability to go down to the ice to block a shot. Line Changes and Instant Replay are also available!" (hint:NHL 95)
  • I am playing the best hockey now! Yes it is from EA. If you wish... I have not any problem with AI & interceptions now! No lag! No bug!
  • The best patch for the nhl20 could be the nhl21 game only, right? :p
  • Backskate with the puck, backhand passes, passes from everywhere, offside bug is back, scoreboard panel on the bottom only.... If EA will do add 10 new animation for not successfull passes, will do cut backskate with the puck from the game complet…
  • (Quote) It is not at the full version? Do you mean the scoreboard is still on the bottom only???
  • (Quote) Welcome aboard :) It is my reason why not buy. Yes scoreboard was never change 20 years. I will not do play with this downgrade scoreboard never. I do not understand why so big company as EA can do it without options top/bottom??? Madden is…
  • There is not big changes. If you compare some AAA title like gta5 with gta 3 there is not too big changes as you wish. It is not problem EA only. Too many gamers want to see a big step each year. It is only hype. EA doing the same bussiness as other…
  • I do know too much real hockey players. They are not playing any nhl game nevermore. They are not playing any console game never. The nhl game is the same as any other sports game, it is only for fun. The most for the specific players only.
  • EA madden got 3,3 from 10 user's score. It is the first warning time. This year will not be an incredible. It is not about nhl. EA is not build the rocks this year. It is not so bad if many users wrote "Madden 20 is a definite improvement over …
  • It is a good summary.
  • (Quote) It is not the same, it is not from the front of body which you can setup. Yeah it looks great, As me hockey player I remember for tons of this moments if the ice is too much wet on early time after period is begin. I want this to the game…
  • Both. Backskate with the puck on the left side on the stick (forehand) + more balance if you protect the puck. Both this moves are not possible do on the ice (on the skates). Is not important if you are nhl player or noob. There is only physics aspe…
  • (Quote) Realism is very long race for EA. It is not about nhl only. Nfl,fifa,nba..it is the same. I do want too much realism how is possible, without fun if realism is not fun, right. EA is not doing anything wrong - if you can play the same game …
  • (Quote) It is not fault. It is choice. I will not do play against cheaters. LT backskate with puck on the stick is the same cheat as wraparound goal from last decade. It is the absolutely the same. There is oportunity for non-gamers. For cheaters o…
  • Hi, Here is a right time when my old friend DJneo must be again as our hero! Hey Neo, EA must buy your puck physics! It must be a first if anybody from EA do want make a game from the roots. I can see how the puck is absolutely real going under go…
  • (Quote) Because it is not real, understand? I saw so many players how doing play hockey game. Youtubers called. I have a big smile if anybody want do backskate in own zone in real. What do you think you can do with puck in this time? Nothing absol…
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