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  • nhl22 on my ps5 can be better thx dualsense controller. I wish frostbite + dualsense can be a new perspective.... I love dualsense controller now. It can be amazing for every sport game. EA is doing more for real aspect. The problem is that "real aspect" is not real enough. I like winter classic games at real....I hate…
  • I'm a big fan of the Borderlands series. It's a game from 2k. It is the best shooter that completely playfully puts everyone else in the pocket. Why? Because when I'm on the moon, there is just a different gravity ... If I have to choose weapons, there are millions of them and yet I can play with the very first one I find!…
  • the chances are big. nhl will do a new license agreement 2023. NHL 21 Review: A Broken Copy Of A Broken Copy ...until the CODEMASTERS start playing hockey too...
  • cross crease is not fun? :) I don't understand why EA won't cancel cross-crease in online matches? The online game has not changed in 15 years anyway and it is not even a sign of hockey. This only play players suffering from some personality disorder or sports players who don't care what Thes are play. When they can't do…
  • seriously... engine of this game is really old i wish nhl 22 will be a new mechanics reborn
  • exactly I still not remember which innovation is in this series from 2015. By me, there is 0 innovation absolutely. EA is doing cut/add/cut/add... repeatly still the same. This game can do make only 1 person for 1 year. one example: in real hockey you know 5 strategies for defense, right. I was play hockey as professional…
  • absolutely agree with number 2. the problem with "human" dump puck... there is no mechanic for any quick dump at the offensive zone. "CPU" can do a quick dump everywhere. we need R1 button do more balanced for this situation. the same as puck physics at this situation still not look as real. especially if CPU is doing dump…
  • yes. still it is in the game. more pics will helpful
  • it looks better. If I remember it is a first very good patch after 2 years of darkness! it is right way, EA! I hope we can see some "zamboni" animation after 3 stars at the future (next patch) ;) i will do some sliders again next week. i was not happy with this game. today is better
  • it looks so childish absolutely if the puck is rebound from your stick so ugly arcadish . it is still hockey simulator, right? :D :D :D
  • We all know it's not a new game annually but that's not the problem here, problem is that the game has so many problems, bugs and glitches every year. The game is update which never works like it should work and they sell it it on the same price as new game. +1000
  • I am try be positive: it is not nhl series only... madden, fifa, pes, nbaEA, nba2k... every sport is recycled last 5 years. the same situation was with F1 from codemasters...we can hope this industry will do follow this company the same road. f12020 is a right direction how recycle game with a new perspective. it is not…
  • I agree with you forever. I have fear I am only 1 from 1 milion peples whi will play this game.... it is a great idea. so more politician. "if you have money so try do it more for ecosystem. if you have money so try help other people". it is a great idea will not ever functional in materialism. because if you have money…
  • yep I am playing now nhl20 only because nhl21 is broken with this (offline season) my set is (nhl20) "real pack" without patch + without tuner allstar 3x8min period Pass Assist: 100 game speed 3 goalie (basic) shots (basic) Min Pass Speed: 22 Max Pass Speed: 78 One Timer Accuracy: CPU: 2/Human: 5 Pass Interceptions: CPU:…
  • yes we are on one boat. any new animation which nhl20 has not this. it is any not succesfull upgrade.
  • uninstal game. instal again with cut off your online profile. you need clear game without patch without tuner or tomorrow I will issue the nhl20 / nhl21 slider setting where it is eliminated. it works for nhl20 great.
  • just for nextgen I definitely want a 4k menu and need 100 buttons on the main surface PIN UP thanks to which I will get to where I need it immediately. In this I imagine the right next gene from EA.
  • right. I am still believe EA will do repair this issue. It can be any animation transfer. it look how EA did want make a smooth animation for the nhl21. it look very the same as pass smooth animation from nhl19 to nhl20. it was done very good. At first time when I was playing nhl21 it was great feel with shots! until…
  • if you will do download anything -> tuner will be install again automaticaly. one only reason is cut off online profile.
  • nhl20 is near the perfect with one timers attempts + cross crease is near imposible play easy (offline mode) . how many years we did want this??? how many years we did wait for this??? EA can do so simply repair -> back cross crease to nhl20. nothing else how easy EA can do it back to playable this game, right?!
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