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  • I agree with you forever. I have fear I am only 1 from 1 milion peples whi will play this game.... it is a great idea. so more politician. "if you have money so try do it more for ecosystem. if you have money so try help other people". it is a great idea will not ever functional in materialism. because if you have money…
  • yep I am playing now nhl20 only because nhl21 is broken with this (offline season) my set is (nhl20) "real pack" without patch + without tuner allstar 3x8min period Pass Assist: 100 game speed 3 goalie (basic) shots (basic) Min Pass Speed: 22 Max Pass Speed: 78 One Timer Accuracy: CPU: 2/Human: 5 Pass Interceptions: CPU:…
  • yes we are on one boat. any new animation which nhl20 has not this. it is any not succesfull upgrade.
  • uninstal game. instal again with cut off your online profile. you need clear game without patch without tuner or tomorrow I will issue the nhl20 / nhl21 slider setting where it is eliminated. it works for nhl20 great.
  • just for nextgen I definitely want a 4k menu and need 100 buttons on the main surface PIN UP thanks to which I will get to where I need it immediately. In this I imagine the right next gene from EA.
  • right. I am still believe EA will do repair this issue. It can be any animation transfer. it look how EA did want make a smooth animation for the nhl21. it look very the same as pass smooth animation from nhl19 to nhl20. it was done very good. At first time when I was playing nhl21 it was great feel with shots! until…
  • if you will do download anything -> tuner will be install again automaticaly. one only reason is cut off online profile.
  • nhl20 is near the perfect with one timers attempts + cross crease is near imposible play easy (offline mode) . how many years we did want this??? how many years we did wait for this??? EA can do so simply repair -> back cross crease to nhl20. nothing else how easy EA can do it back to playable this game, right?!
  • at this clip it look how in the crease is any bubble again. empty place where is no exists an contact engine. yes this clip show how this situation is 100% different from nhl20 (nhl20 without patch without tuner)
  • uninstall patch + tuner. it will help.
  • One of the best known rules is that the pass is faster than the players themselves. The pass is very important to overcome the opponent and to keep the game flowing. In general, perpendicular passes speed up the game, and keep the action parallel to back passes. Short we help each other with events during events in a small…
  • ok I will do try this today
  • the problem is.... does not matter how your (human) speed is... cpu will not faster than you never. it is any issue. I have set human 30 cpu 60 with the same result. human 20 cpu 60 still the same. 10/60 the game is unplayable because human is too slow. it is the same on this video.... yes, d-mans must do more…
  • my last score 6:1 against Superstar AI. My d-mans are still free on blue line the same as nhl20. Have you any new sliders ?
  • 1. this scoreboard is absolutely awful . it need some opacity level + move to up + add smaller version (on my 80"qled it is still too big) 2. this scoreboard is absolutely usesfull if stats are not viewed depending on the context... 3. who did create this scoreboard is not watching tv never
  • I expect that nhl21 will have at least 10 patches when I see how small the first one is and that the gameplay is not patched in any way. patch1.2 -do pass interception increase + 200% -cut cross-crease, do decrease one-timer slider -200% -do decrease goalie passes and speed of goalie passes -500% -change the AI ​​logic…
  • it is not about internet. it is only about servers "routing" . nothing else is doing ping delay. "You can think of it as a fast lane on the internet. But players don’t have to pay for it" yes it is cost. ea do not want pay for this technology more.
  • online versus is probably better if I read it here .... but how much is it probably from EA to fix offline so that it can be played ??? cpu logic doesn't make any sense now (tuner 1.01 tuner 1.00) and why did the defender's defense in the offensive zone disappear? yes in online versus it is possible to watch it but if it…
  • I still haven't found what I should like on nhl21? the game is well controlled, ok. players have more skating animations, probably. the game does not know fouls and is played without exclusions. AI can't stop passing to my defender. The AI ​​cannot prevent the meme from moving from left to right in front of the goalkeeper.…
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