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  • Good tips - I couldn't find HUT Rush games during the trial. I looked in the online and offline menus and even chose HUT Rush games from the objectives menu. It could be that I'm just blind but somehow I could not figure out how to play HUT Rush. Also, I managed to get all the EA Play tokens but I forgot to exchange the…
  • Midnight tonight eastern time if you have an early access pre-order
  • I just tried to purchase a "Making History" pack and was also told it was not available. If the purchase option resets on Friday then I should be able to buy additional packs now What's the deal here?
  • Thanks for the information @EA_Blueberry - much appreciated
  • I just discovered that, if you press pause immediately after the end of a period and at the end of the game then press pause again you skip all the scenes/highlights/etc
  • Can you make your phone a WiFi hotspot? I suggest trying that and connecting your console to that network just to see if your download issues go away. That's s pretty solid way to determine if it's your ISP.
  • I know the rest of the community will cover the game play aspects of this wish list so I will add just the "fluff" requests: 1 - Real time hats being thrown on the ice when a player scores a hat trick. The cut scene nonsense just irks me. 2 - The ability to use heroes, legends, (whatever they call them in HUT) in all…
  • Aside from the obvious and often stated skating/puck pickup fixes, I would like to see the following: Franchise/GM Connected (This is a biased request. I spend 90% of my time playing this mode. Having an online component available would add another level of fun/complexity/challenges) Real time hats on the ice when a player…
  • I started an Expansion franchise with 31 teams so I could set my own protection list (using the Bruins) and the rosters were essentially the same as they were when the expansion draft took place. To me that makes perfect sense as it relates to accuracy. I did have to do some creative trading during the rookie draft to…
  • For the moment I'm going to call this a passing glitch - I shut down the game and my console and when I restarted I was able to execute trades. The only other information I can offer is this: my trade before the error was a waiver pickup that I traded back to the team that waived him. Prior to that transaction I had no…
  • Has anyone tried to relocate to the same city to see if you could build a new stadium? I don't know why but this just came to me today.
  • This feels like that awkward moment between Phil Coulson and Steve Rogers in The Avengers (ha ha)
  • Funny you mentioned this. I did try to get my picks back but trading for picks, especially 1st and 2nd rounders seems nearly impossible. I somewhat agree with you on the ratings but it seems to me that, in the actual NHL, there isn't much separation between bottom 6 and top 6 guys other than work ethic and ice time. Don't…
  • Other than posting here (perhaps in the tech help & feedback category) try social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) Here is a link to EA Canada - It contains the Corporate address if you want to try the old-fashioned letter method as well.
  • Oh - I see. I know they mention updating the trade block a few days before the deadline but you're right. It really doesn't feel like the season milestone/event that it should. Perhaps if there were a few more pop-up notifications about players being shopped or somehow teams were identified as sellers or buyers it would…
  • Thanks!! I figured that had to be why I couldn't tender him an offer. I appreciate the realism the game offers with regards to these types of details. As for the trade itself I did try to put together a good package - even offering the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks I had acquired and a top veteran player that matched…
  • The trade deadline is typically Feb 1 and appears on the Calendar - at least it has for me in my first 4 seasons so far.
  • I'm kind of dealing with this right now in my franchise mode. At the start of my 4th year Buffalo qualified Sam Reinhhart but was unable to sign him because they were up against the cap. I could not tender and offer sheet because I used all my top draft picks to get back-to-back 1st and 2nd picks previously to draft Nolan…

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