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  • If the game goes on sale before people that paid full price can get into games consistently, I'll be even more pissed than I am now. Considering EA's anti-consumer business practices, I'm fully expecting this to happen though. I've accepted that all I can do at this point is not buy another NHL game after this year, but…
  • This is my issue. If the game is hardly ever ready for release and has major issues that extend well into its release year, why are we constantly getting charged full price? Remember back in NHL 15 when EA announced that EASHL would be absent like 2-3 weeks before the game's release? And then they vowed to make up for it…
  • By the time they sort out the DRE, most of the playerbase will have moved on to RDR2, FO76, Battlefield, or any of the other upcoming big releases. I can't overstate the damage that's been caused to the longevity of EASHL by the game being released in this state.
  • Still can't play. At this point the best thing EA can do is give us the option of a free game on the PSN store, because Sony won't give a refund even though the product is beyond broken. Then you have to wonder about NHL 20, and an even smaller playerbase. I know I'm not the only one that is through with the series after…
  • "Likely next week." There really needs to be some compensation to those of us that were forced to miss the first month of EASHL. We missed the most active month of the game. So when the fix does go up.... "Hey, welcome back. Enjoy spending a long time trying to find games because the community has moved on to other games."…
  • Yeah, Microsoft is getting a bit better with their refund policy. Another reason I'm pissed is that the most active time for EASHL is the first month of release. So by the time that this get fixed and I can actually consistently play club games without the error, the community will have already died down. Those of us…
  • Honestly, I feel like the best thing that EA can do at this point is give Sony the thumbs up to offer digital refunds. I really don't want the game anymore, as I've spent way too many hours attempting to get into games and now I don't even want to look at the game in my library anymore. Just want my money back so I can…
  • Yeah, seems to be the case. So another weekend of not being able to play with my club. Awesome. Officially retiring from the NHL series after this year. I would probably do the same even without this dressing room error stuff. Been buying all these games day 1 since NHL 07 and I'm just beyond burned out at this point. It…
  • Can we please get an update on when this is getting fixed?
  • There really needs to be some sort of compensation here. Aside from not being able to play the mode we bought the game for, the amount of time spent trying to fix the issue on our own end adds up to a lot of wasted hours. I tried the deleting profile thing, and managed to get into three games in a row before getting hit…
  • One week later... This wouldn't be a problem if we weren't forced to pay $60 a year. Missing out on (at least) a week just comes off as a slap in the face. If it weren't for Sony denying my refund request, I'd be completely over the game by now. For sure my last NHL game, but I'd at least like to get some enjoyment out of…
  • I don't know. No Man's Sky's launch was pretty ugly. Mind you, Hello Games has sorted out all the issues and continue to release new content for free. EA, on the other hand, is totally fine with charging $60 a year for games that release in a completely broken state. When will it be fixed? Well, captain lag lasted all the…
  • The even sadder thing is that people complained about this crap in the beta. They didn't fix the issues, and still released the game in this state.
  • I hear ya. Really want to play club but haven't been able to get into a single game yet. Drops seem to work half the time, but I much prefer the competition in club games... which i can't play.
  • Tried this. Didn't work.
  • That won't work. I've been using those for years.
  • lmao tried re-installing and now get "failed to retrieve data" every time I attempt to go into the dressing room. Just awesome.
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