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  • This year is just NHL14 v4, series is dying a slow death since then. I remember back in 10-13 rarely playing the same club more then a few times until you got in the top div then you'd start seeing the same teams, and 6's games were easy to find even at the end of the year, but at the height of 17 it was tough to get a…
  • Not when your looking at them in your collection, that's only in the inbox or when opening a pack. Big oversight on ea's part there
  • Competitive season matchmaking, just terrible how I can play games worth 5 points, then play another and lose 200 points. Ea needs to rethink this
  • Could be worse I got 4 RNH's out of 7
  • Updated the team, so glad those draft players came out all of them are great Draft Puljuarvi - 98 B Richards - TOTY Tarasenko Draft Dubois - Xmas M Richards - WCOH Bure TOTY Horvat - Awards Kesler - Draft Mathews TOTY Dagostino - FB Santorelli - TOTY Lindstrom Draft Laine - 98 Lidstrom Mov Ekblad - Draft Joulevi Hero Blake…
  • It's one of the most frustrating things about this game, the AI does not want to be ready for a pass they'd rather face the boards than turn up ice on a a breakout. Nothing you can do beside hold the puck a little longer and wait for the AI to clue in (which they may never do)
  • Whatever they are it's to low, it sucks playing with a player who feels like a chl'er
  • They don't care they got your money, did you try opening a few hut packs? :p
  • I got news for you nothing in hockey and life is "balanced" there was nothing wrong with the old system, if you made a 5'7" grinder, my 6'6" defensive dman knocked you out. I never ever thought my team lost a game because someone/the other team had a "super build". My best forward build was a 6'0" power forward, All my…
  • They will but it will be heavy censored and the questions cherry picked so they don't look bad.
  • Yea it is you have to jack the sliders up to get rid of the clunky feel to it, the old system was better, just like the old hut and eashl were better. Screw rammer it's all his fault
  • they don't care, their making a fortune off hut, fut and mut. I used to buy almost every ea sports game yearly: madden, NHL, NBA live and MLB, now only NHL. But that ends next year I'm just going to buy ea access for $35 and wait for nhl18 to be available next year
  • Yea I had a few ready to collect last night and they are gone now, so what do I do now with all those collectables? There isn't anything in the trading post to turn them in.
  • Can you honestly say that it wouldn't surprise you if ea changed it up this year and didn't give packs for rub? I wouldn't be surprised at all. They know everyone rips a buttload of packs at the beginning of the year.
  • Yea almost everyone I've played in div 1 is a cheeser, I find the best games are between div 3-4 less cheap crap, more players that aren't running around trying to exploit the game, abusing the holding the stick out invincibility bubble and circling looking for the same cross crease one timer. Div 1 is not fun, all I do is…
  • What are you offering?
  • I agree, it was my yearly tradition to get all the music setup for all North American teams, they had their proper music, goal horns etc. It added another element to the game and got rid of the terrible music they've had. I read somewhere that it was Microsoft and Sony who got rid of storing music on your consoles due to…
  • My guess it will be similar to last year probably around 1000 games played 1000 cards in the collection 1 000 000 pucks Maybe a bonus for having x number of draft champions players Makes me miss the old return bonus, 250 games, 250k and 500 players for a max bonus
  • Puljuarvi is faster and has a great shot, definitely the better puck handler of the two, but does get bumped off the puck, has great one timer. Laine is not a good puck handler but has a ridiculous shot, I moved him to the left wing and he has 4 goals on 5 shots (has a shot like Ovi) he's bigger then Puljuarvi and does…
  • Draft Mathews - Xmas Richards - TOTY Tarasenko Draft Puljuarvi - Draft Dubois - Award Bure TOTY Horvat - Awards Kesler - Draft Laine TOTY Dagostibo - SC Johansen - TOTY Lindstrom Hero Blake - CSW Lidstrom Mov Parayko - Draft Joulevi Mov Eklbad - ASG Kaberle 98 Quick SC Allen Player synergies 8 DD WW S NP HH SF PH TK Team…
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