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  • I like many of the points you bring up, and it got me thinking. When you said "How do you provide enough incentives for the offensive minded player without annihilating player who play on defense?" I realized something. Would you agree that us "old timers" who started playing nhl video games in the 90's have a more well…
  • Goalies in this game exist to be scored on, not stop scoring chances. No way to steal a game as a goalie anymore. It's been that way since NHL 16 really.
  • Interesting. NBA2K has what they call dribbling, shooting, and dunk packages, basically hundreds different animations for almost any action in the game. Different players are able to do different dribbling moves and shooting styles to dodge defenders. I can see this idea translating excellently to NHL. Imagine hundreds of…
  • Once the LG owner gets a million complaints during the season from all the team GMs because stat tracking (which is tied to contracts in the league) is ruined, he will get in touch with his contacts and surely this will all be fixed within 7 months. I mean, that seems like a reasonable "thank you" for promoting the game…
  • The interesting thing about that though...didnt EA say there would be legends teams (but not enough to fill historic rosters) for almost all NHL teams? And that these teams would be available offline? Id call that false advertising if there are no legends teams.
  • Usually October is when the first patch is released unless there is something completely game breaking that needs an emergency fix
  • Also, reduce the amount of time a goalie has to wait for a whistle to be blown after covering the puck. I think this would fix two problems, the calling for a pass nonsense, as well as the issue of players running the goalie
  • @djneohockey I hope checking along the boards and near the benches plays similarly to NHL 11's checking system with the inclusion of new animations to fill in the holes. Imagine how great having to be aware of how hard, and what part of the opponent's body you are checking would be :smile: It was one of the best parts of…
  • So you mean that players should automatically be placed into the position they picked, and the lobby will instead act as a way to see how many players are in the matchup, instead of how it currently is to have people pick fwd or defense and "race" to pick preffered position? If so, I like the idea. However, i wonder if…
  • "Stop or start instantly and skate towards an opponent with speed as you look for that game-changing hit, or simply roll the left stick and take an arced path to glide towards your objective." It sounds like there will be different checking animations based on the context of play. In particular, we should see…
  • Of course, but surely making the players skate properly again will promote more "hockey plays" than is currently possible, thereby improving the game.
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