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  • I just want to address the red pack or low end one. I do enjoy those for reasons of building up collectibles. If anything just lower the cost of them and double the rewards when you can exchange for them. The odds of getting a collectible or master player are so low that it should be doable with also giving players hope.…
  • If you all persist on listening to the nobody then i petition to have it removed from all objectives involving you daily ahd weekly challanges. I would prefer to not be forced to play a worthless game mode. This way I can focus on sets, squads and rivals. If other players feel the same drop your name.
    in Rush Reply by RavenDF February 2021
  • I think they listened to one of there streamers and are ruining the game mode because of them. Gonna be sad it was such fun abd worth playing now it will just like draft, getting a tombstone because a nobody.
  • Remove the god forsaken replays. Please God remove them. Or if a player any player hit a button it is skipped. Absolutely no possible way I want this put into the new game wheb it comes to hut. They can view there games all they want on there own time not mine. I don't makes them watch mine I expect to be able to skip…
  • Make it seamless. No more confirming multiple times to play a game. It should only pop with lineup/strat then go stright into the game you selected. Definately add more arenas not just nhl. And option fir more out door ones would be awesome. Possibly make a rarity system for them and jerseys ? I would like goalies helmets…
  • I do not puck rag but I have seen it a lot. You have to remember this game itself is to be played how the players want to play. Puck ragging despite some peoples dislike of it is a tool used in the nhl this I have also seen countless times. As for it being oh ruining the game, well that is your game and you were already…
  • I always aim for jumbo elites they are 50k each normally.
  • Was wondering the same thing? Did they forget it when they started the new season chel?
  • I get it, I thought nothing of it because it was a collectible. Sure it is my fault just title the thing correctly. I only trade in normally under 84s so I wasn't expecting it to be a player card due to labeling and I don't check anything under 84 ever because it is worthless (except the cards for theb3 gold…
  • You're funny if you think I would pop 50 cards in manually. Honestly they should have made us aware it was a player tho they clearly state it is a collectible. Doesn't really matter now it ruined the event for me so I am done it. Nhl is now a placeholder till I find a new game to play that holds my interest. Debating on…
  • Well it makes sence but nhl 2k was lack luster overall. Using that game as an example isn't a good one. However ea is the sports company and equipment for doing this isn't cheap. However a company will come along eventually. If hockey ever revives world hockey it will be interesting.
  • Well I am done with that event thats for certain so back to rivals and hut rush while I figure out a new game to play
  • Console lock it is. Drag but it is what it is. I think both ps and xbox have game sharable option so 2 account can have + or gold tho
  • Hahahaha you're funny you think they care.
  • Issues being back door area is way way way too narrow The delay and freeze up of anything you do registering in the game The back of the net being too small for a mascot at times? We should be ble to set our setting before the game for this lineup not just in it Some objectives are not accurate t all, some say one but are…
  • Did you exchange for a collectible or do rerolls? If so guess what happened to you? The same thing as myself. They are absolutely not collectible they are players despite it saying it is a collectible. Yay ea right?
  • Also is this an ea thing or a Playstation thing? If it is ea can you all look at removing the plus component for that if it is even possible now that I think about it. Or remove the need for a second account for couch play? Thinking it is due to the console tho
  • I had these work just fine as long as I was close to an opposing player. I got credit when I held lb and hit rt close to the boards. And poof someone who cannot do it makes my objective go away. Thanks a ton buddy for making me waste my time on it.
  • I can yes but why? I take it you do not play the game then? If you did you would already know this the second you played squad battles on superstar.
  • Well personally I think ea has been doing an amazing job at making sure the jext company to release a nhl title with online play similar to hut will have a large player base without having to spend money on advertising. When you never take action and lie to your player base consistently you open the door for competition to…
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