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  • Because it's easily cropped out that way.
  • joins game down 4-0 middle of the 2nd *Leaves* Joins ANOTHER game mid second, only down 6-0
  • Wait till October. Game has been out barely 2 weeks. They won't issue any patches or tuners until at least October. Relax. We get an update once a month until about January/February. Same as every year
  • Friendly reminder that when it comes to crossplay, publishers/developers are rarely ever the problem. Microsoft and Sony, more so Sony, are the ones blocking crossplay.
  • I d k guys. They made a massive effort to change the Defensive meta last year. And the meta has indeed changed. I thought everyone adjusted... I guess not. Defense is 99% about being sound in your position. Don't over step, don't get too aggressive. You gotta let the game's mechanics work for you. Let the auto checks do it…
  • I think they did a great job with the shadows. Unfortunately it's too distracting. By the time my eyes adjust to the lighting differences its the 2nd period and the shadows are on the other side. I want to say, great job whoever made them, unfortunately they most likely need to go. Maybe we can get a daytime/night time…
  • Counterpoint: Sports titles come out yearly. This will not change for the foreseeable future. $60 US/ $80 CAD is the price for new release games. This will also not change. Very few games are released under $60, even less coming from a major company . I love the "This sub par game shouldn't have a AAA price tag" crowd.…
  • What's with the complains about not being able to pick a position? Isnt your position like 99% irrelevant in this mode? There's one faceoff in the beginning. There's no zones, no offside. I don't understand why picking a position is even needed
  • You had ample time to make your decision. Prior to 9/10 there were more than enough videos/articles/releases to research on what would be in NHL 20. There was a free to play beta as well as EA Access 10 hour trial for BOTH consoles this year. Lastly, when you are choosing between Standard, Deluxe, and Premium editions of…
  • Right.. So the qualifier is having a skill as arbitrary as simply having more free time than people with jobs and kids and lives? Basically after 350 games everyone was on the same level playing field after that. What was the point?
  • Could be a ratio. 5 minutes of a 20 minute period is 1/4th the time. A 2 minute penalty is 1/10th of a 20 minute period so in a 5minute clock it would be something like 30 seconds. Which is 1/4th of 5minutes. So the math works out. a 5 minute major would be 75 seconds or 1:15. Which is 1/4th of 5 minutes. Where it get's…
  • But it's not fortnite though. Siege was doing cosmetic upgrades well before fortnite. Same as Overwatch and Rocket League, the later being huge in the cosmetic lootbox department. To a lesser extend CoDs gun camos as well. It's games in general. Especially a mode like World of Chel which has a lot of room for cosmetic…
  • If I had to guess. They're still in crunch time getting the game ready for release. And the build we have now was the one that was ready to be published. And the powers that be probably said "We have to release something, these people have gotten a beta every year" It makes giving feedback on the beta difficult. And we are…
  • It's not though Look if this were 2 seasons ago I would be right there with you railing EA on this. But you have it the other way around. Diving at a player, getting puck then trip gets called 9/10 times a trip in today's NHL
  • There's definitely so much more that could be done with EASHL. I wish it were it's own game or had it's own director/dev department. For example, off the top of my head Square and Circle(X and B on Xbox?) are dead buttons on PS4 for EASHL. They're needed in every other game mode though. But right out of the gate, that's 2…
  • By that logic lets take out offside, icing, all trips, shashes, no more delay of game either. Oh yeah and you can play with 8 skaters now too.
  • This is the main problem with D. It's become 95% positioning and Gap control and very little else. Playing D in EASHL is comprised of playing conservative and letting the games auto-mechanics do the work for you. There's an extent of skill in a sense that you need to be in position all the time and make good reads on the…
  • For those wanting to read more. nhl.com/nhl/en/v3/ext/rules/2018-2019-NHL-rulebook.pdf Rule 57.3 If, in the opinion of the Referee, a player makes contact with the puck first and subsequently trips the opponent in so doing, no penalty shot will be awarded, but a minor penalty for tripping shall be assessed. This is in…
  • Love reading stuff like this, the total hatred towards EA is comical. So none of you are aware that the NHL changed the rule? You're getting called for trips because the NHL changed the rule a few seasons ago. If you dive at a player, get puck first, then trip the player it's a minor penalty in today's NHL. EA was right…
  • From https://ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/news/broadcast-and-presentation-overhaul We’ve achieved this chemistry by dramatically increasing our time in the recording booth. With Cybulski and Ferraro based just minutes away from EA Vancouver, they are able to develop their tone together weekly in the studio. In NHL 19, we could…

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