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  • This is when you select Online Versus from the menu. When it loads it will show your record in large numbers, but in small numbers below that is where the players counts are shown. Other modes have their own way of showing numbers, and I think HUT…
  • (Quote) There actually is a way you can tell if it freezes or not. In the upper right corner of the screen the EA logo has something spinning around it while it searches. It will pause for one second and them resume spinning as it loads a match. …
  • Well I don't think player counts are the problem here, though that's a problem of its own for another novel. Sometimes it will scan and freeze within seconds. Other times it will search for 20-30 seconds and then find a legit game. For instance, …
  • This is still going on. I have noticed that when this happens your lines are ALWAYS reset to default. Sometimes your strategies are still how you set them though. Here is another thing that maybe the devs can use to figure this out better. Somet…
  • (Quote) The thing there is that you can only control one player at any given time, which leaves 4 AI skaters to do whatever they wish. Now in a situation where there's an AI on the puck carrier and I bring my controlled skater into the play to pre…
  • (Quote) I can't count the number of times my skater on the other side is doing some ridiculous back or side skate animation towards the boards, but he shows no intention of actually facing the direction that EVERY SINGLE NHL skater would in real li…
  • (Quote) I am talking more about when your AI player gets called for penalties like that, though there are plenty of times where penalties just happen one after another for no logical reason against one side where the other team can take your head o…
  • (Quote) This is true, but then at the same time they will call a fake elbowing or charging penalty against you for no reason other than to control the flow of the game.
  • (Quote) Now that you mention it, that sounds very familiar. I think when I bought the game it defaulted to a camera view like that, and I wasn't having it. Overhead view all the way (or Classic)
  • (Quote) I agree with this...Every. Single. Word. I want a perfectly functioning ONLINE game before EA tries to add anything else to the mix. There is plenty of work there to keep them busy for quite a while.
  • My guess is that EA will do a final "playoff roster" update, or whatever it is they call it. I think that happens after all playoff teams have played already. Can't remember the details for sure though.
  • (Quote) It wouldn't hurt to draw attention to the fact that somebody is locking. They could maybe show the locked position in very large red flashing lettering so it's obvious to anybody glancing at the screen.
  • (Quote) If you're team is the victim of fat-man lag then it is quite easy to get blown out of the water. Those are the games that you know right from the start that you will not win no matter what you do. I'm not calling it ice tilt in any way, b…

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