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  • You know they doubled the ping on the network screen right? It's a visual fix. So if you normally got 10 ping before, it will be 20 now.
  • Last gen skill stick was so damn good. The control you had. Now its auto dekes and stone hands. Im sorry but realism should not be more important than control and skill.
  • Wow this is great news. Not sure what is meant by half ping response time though. EASHL connection is so inconsistent. Some games I feel like im playing offline and the game is running smooth as butter and im flying out there. Other times I feel like a fatman and I can barely turn and position my guy. Ping is almost always…
  • Agreed 100%. I still feel like a truck even with consistent 8-10 ping every game. Turning and agility is so slow.
  • Wow, this might actually get me playing NHL on a daily basis again. IF the frustration of controlling your player is gone, ill be over the moon.
  • If this skating engine gives us back the control we used to have, such as in NHL 12 (even though the skating was unrealistic and floaty) than I will be a happy man. Now I just wished they brought back the old skill stick and got rid of the auto RS dekes. But this is progress.
  • I actually like this change. There should be a way to distinguish between drop in and club. It will also be nice to just change it up a bit. When I first saw the pond hockey reveal, I thought it was going to be some lame offline mode that I never use but now that it is being implemented into drop in, I think it's a great…
  • I was happy with the gameplay in NHL 14/Legacy. Thought it was great and needed to be tweaked a bit. Than they went way off the rails with the current gen games starting with NHL 15. Basically destroying the skill stick, skating be worse than ever and a slew of other problems that have remained for the last 5 years.
  • The selling point should almost always be gameplay though. Unless you have some really interesting fresh mode to promote, they should not be the selling point. All those game modes I named are lame as hell. What other franchise uses gimmick modes as their big draw?
  • How could I forget that beloved Winter Classic. Like honestly who plays any of these? We don't need more game modes. Bring back Gm connect and just focus on that, EASHL and HUT as well as gameplay. Why are they adding more modes and stretching themselves so thin? Its a small development team, I don't understand it.
  • NHL 94 mode, NHL 3s mode and now Pond Hockey. All while the gameplay continues to suffer. This is where EA's priorities lie. Coming up with gimmick game modes year after year, improving HUT and not caring about anything else. Edited for profanity filter
  • For this game to even have a chance of succeeding as an eSport, they would have to make it so it's possible to even control your player. Constantly fighting the horrible skating engine, passes not going where you aim, not being able to pick up pucks, auto dekes tied to RS. This game is so far off from being an eSport.
  • Just give us the agility we have in the NHL 3s mode without that much speed and the skating would be fine. The skating in that mode feels great its just way over the top. For some reason EA decides that online the game should play at a snails pace and your agility should be non existent.
  • Rammer posted on his instagram 3 months ago that he was playing NHL 18 with 3 Canucks prospects. Don't know why anyone believed that nonsense.
  • I agree with you that the NHL franchise should not try to be a full sim hockey game for exactly the point you said in which it can never happen. It will always just be a video game. But I don't agree that we should just go full blown arcade mode with crazy hits and completely unrealistic hockey plays. I think there is a…
  • Maybe when you and your friends play, it's like 12 U8 caliber players smashing into each other, but for me and everyone else, 6s hockey is great and what this game is about. If LG ever went to 3 on 3, the vast majority of players would quit. 3 on 3 is a gimmick, just like the shootout.
  • EASHL is as deep as it has ever been. What was so good about it on last gen? Other than being able to add attributes which just ended up breaking the game.
  • If you are in an online game, press start and check your network connection in the menu. NHL has a graph the shows your ping. If its over 30-40 the game will have input delay and suck.

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