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  • This is worthy of a bump. NHL nets are not porous. It's such a simple thing to put these net anims back in.
  • Nice vid, Sega. That actually displays two real immersion killers on scoring a goal. New for 21, the net does not bulge, and that was a net ripper you scored there. This was and is still fine in 20. And a problem that is versions old, your CPU teammates playing the same stick raise anim in perfect unison. It seems like the…
  • Worth pointing out that whatever oversight removed these animations, it happened quite a while ago. Did a fresh install of the NHL 21 disc with no patches whatsoever and the net twine physics are still absent. So nothing Day One was the culprit.
  • For playing the actual games, this is a pretty solid list. Offline, the gameplay is much better than 20 with a decent slider set and the 1.00 tuner ( which has much greater goal variety, particular on point shots ) One relatively easy thing would be to make sure that your teammates don't all raise their sticks in unison…
  • Good stuff guys, Aljo has responded so at least the dev team are aware of the problem. Totally agree @darkryd3r, this issue really impacts the enjoyment of goals and, for offline at least, the quality and replayability of goals, is super important. I get the licensing issue with goal songs ( would be great to at least be…
  • There's a bug entered on the Answers board for this annoying issue. Sitting with zero interest and presumably no reads from the Devs on that basis. Feel free to bump! https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Goal-net-animations-no-longer-play-in-21-as-they-still-do-in-20/m-p/9774284#M2090
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