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  • Lol... they don't have time for that, the interns are busy collecting statistics for HUT. Besides, if you have the players photo in the game, you'll realize then and there how little the player model looks like the actual player. pffff this aint no triple AAA effort, now is it?
  • Yeah, I'll definitely look into some of these game, thanks.
  • Well, I went back and played Legacy, and while it's a game that would need some improving to substantiate a years worth of hockey, it astonishingly does sooooo many things better than '18. If you play legacy, you'll get a better perspective on how screwed things up have become. How, whatever new philosophy EA is…
  • Full sim is bull sim.... woah.
  • I'm waiting to see what one more patch does. If it's the same nonsense, I'll have to get out. NHL on new-gen has absolutely sucked. I went back and played Legacy on the 360, and though it's a game that needs to be improved upon, it's 10 times better than what we have now. Whatever the new philosophy is, it's not working.
  • I'm past the prologue. Because the AI is still stupid as fudge. It's just not even close to how a group of "trained" soldiers would approach their "fort" being attacked by an assassin. This year I've found I can go to the highest point and pick them off with arrows and if they come up after me I can mow them down one by…
  • Maybe this is the way to go. I still have my 360 and a copy of Legacy. This may get me through to baseball season, but I'm starting to not look forward to "the Show" because they seem to be headed in the same direction as EA, where the game play is secondary to the hype.
  • [quote="OAF-Tier1baby;c-1805561That’s slowwwwww[/quote] The problem is that the game is too far spread out north and south. The gap the defense is programmed to give allows you easy access to the offensive zone. Do this 100 or so times in a game and your brain perceives this as boring. Why? because your not having to make…
  • One more patch then I'm out. I've had enough of this crap every friggin year. Also, I don't think this game is savable this year. There are just too many problems for a months worth of patching.
  • Could you list some games you really liked? I can't play this game anymore, it's awful. I tried the new Assassin's Creed to distract me until a patch comes out for '18 (I'm giving them one more patch and then I'm out), but it's the same thing. It looks stunning, but it's boring and plays awkwardly.
  • Hmm.. so if you, yourself, played with default sliders on full sim, how would the penalties pan out?
  • You had to CPU team taking too many penalties?! Your thoughts on that, please!

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