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  • I don’t like the outdoors and street gear.
  • The game is garbage right now. I was 37-9 and now I’m struggling to go 500 seems the momentum goes fully to one player or the other either myself or the other guy where one teams ai is effective and the others is standing still. Your team either o…
  • I think I’m going to make a video and put it on YouTube we’re I quick sell my entire roster with a market worth of we’ll over 2million coins and take a few years off of hut again.
  • I’m a player that changes strategies and understands them but they don’t position themselves for the systems in transitions at all anymore from the red line up.
  • It seems like one players AI will be way better than the others, maybe putting lower overalls on my team will make them play better?
  • Just sounds like it’s going to make puck carriers immune to contact at low speed and if they hold puck away you will get penalty trying to stick lift or poke check, if an nhl player of any size does this he would be bodied up on and that non moving…
  • I’m just worried that the game Is going to turn into holding puck away at slow speed and being immune to contact so you have to try to hit the guy off the puck but he is immune you lose all your speed he takes a Few strides towards the middle and sl…
  • I’m having a problem now of my players being noticeably slower after I got the Halloween Buff and upgraded my team, I’m getting beat to loose pucks a lot more than before and on the breakout my guys are not as smart as they were before sometimes le…
  • Players need to stop sprinting all out and expect thier players not to lose energy and be able to shoot and pass accurately when they do not have balance. Hockey players in real life cannot do what they do without good balance and core control.
  • If you notice the other guys players are playing at a faster pace a lot of times it’s simply the settings the player plays with. You can change the energy efficiency your skaters play with in the team management settings, but be warned more energy …
  • You have to read the gap as a puck carrier and move the puck accordingly. You have to move the puck as much like a real player would as you can and not trap yourself with poor puck control and skating. Long story short work on your thumb skills an…
  • The special pack at the moment is really amazing for people
  • Well I played my first game and had two touchdowns ran back on my from my returner fumbling
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