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  • Drop In has been absolutely ruined by the outdoor rink and tiger pants ****. Every game feels the same with these boring nighthawks VS icebreaker games, and the immersion level has dropped to zero without real hockey equipment, real arenas, real crowds. Honestly who ever played NHL16 and told himself "This game is pretty…
  • These are great ideas... that have been suggested by players for years now but EA will stick to its "outdoors rinks & chinese new year neckwarmers" vision.
  • Honestly 95% of the feedback I've heard in game chat and forums concerning outdoors rinks and chinese new year neck warmers has been negative. I don't see any downside to giving drop in players the option to choose indoors games with real jerseys and crowds. Playing club takes way too much time and dedication, all I want…
  • > @EA_Aljo said: > (Quote) > > You should only be forced to fight if the player is injured on a hit. I get that it's frustrating, but it's also pretty realistic. A player is most often going to defend their teammate's honor in these situations. Fighting at a pond game is unrealistic (and illegal) so you should either get…
  • The CHEL drop-in mode needs to go back to a realistic hockey experience. The outside rink thing with adidas shirts and chinese new year neck warmers absolutely killed the vibe of this mode for me. When you play this mode you want to get the feeling of a real NHL game with a packed arena, real hockey equipment, real NHL…
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