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  • I guess it takes more playing, but to me the goalie seemed very floppy and unrooted in comparison with NHl20, where it was rather (too?) solid.
  • I could, but I won't. That is not relevant. I made the video to show what I think is a huge issue with this game, as I have said at least a couple of times. (and indeed what I have been saying for many years). That is all. I am not going to get sid…
  • Look brainiacs, the reason I went for the hit was that stick on stick contact did absolutely nothing to dislodge the puck. Its CPU Bergeron after all. You don't see it in the video but it was useless all with CSS and all, and then the hit just didn'…
  • I think it gets boring being in the right all the time, and seeing other people being so badly wrong? In general, I think the game is way too fast.... maybe I am getting old (no maybe about it), but this seems even faster than NHl20... I dunno. It'…
  • Well you know, you gotta play better defence.... ;)
  • Yeah, we had some flesh coloured blob hanging over the rink tonight. Weird one, it didn't look exactly like a chicken, well maybe a fried chicken?
  • Well yes, when it comes down to it we can agree THIS engine will never be like that. So I want a new engine, and the next gen is the final chance this game has. But I guess that is unrealistic, since EA just keeps pushing these games every year with…
  • Like I said, you can 'explain' why this happened, and that's always the route the yes-men take. Because this and that, and then boom, suddenly bodies, sticks, skates and the puck get incorporeal, AND ITS YOUR FAULT DUDE; GIT GOOD!!! And then you (i…
  • And how is your video helping to fix the issues? You managed to deflect a pass once, and that's supposed to prove it's only 'gid good' issue? Well, here's a cookie for your trouble. All you're 'helping' is sweeping the issue under the rug.
  • Here's a video of typical doodoo that's happens 'as intended': https://youtu.be/OgSzozErrDA As you can see, driving Bergeron towards the board is a bad move, as he can make his stick immaterial (Bauer Vapor maybe), and move it handily through my d-…
  • On the other hand, the game seems very sensitive to shoves/hits in front of the goal. In NHl20 I felt i could keep shoving dudes there without an issue, but this time I can get penalty far easier. But there are these weird foot trips happening, whe…
  • Are you sure it wasn't a TURKEY?! Anyways, what's with the clown gear helmets some people are wearing in EASHL clubs? Like toy helmets with a little plume on them? Another glitch?
  • Well, I've had a couple of games where I literally couldn't move for a second. My guy just came to a stop, I had to keep pressing the left stick to get him moving again. And yesterday I had moment's where I wanted to stay put, but my guy just wante…
  • If we get honest for a moment, when YOU do these kind of cross-crease passes and then one-time it to the net (your your team-mate does it), do you feel a sense of achievement or pride? You know, when you do a behind your back off-hand pass from the…
  • Me too, but I seem to recall the devs told us that the flow of the game suffers from this, so EA wants to maximize puck posession time, ie. minimum of loose pucks and random deflections? More instant counter-attacks etc. Or I might be wrong, and it'…
  • This is extremely trivial in comparison with other stuff going on, but one of the load screen talks about some event and how there's "26 days days" to it...at least was yesterday. So yeah, remove the extra 'days' maybe? (PS4)
  • I find it refreshing in the sense that it's totally forgettable and contains no extremely annoying songs (which NHL20 had in spades). My ears dont' even register it anymore, so I don't need to use the generic tune this year. So well done, EA! :# B…
  • Sure EA_Blueberry, I will. And I will tell my team mates to do so too, in case I am not around.
  • I dont' know much better place to intercept the pass than being in the passing lane? Especially if you're facing the puck? Then seeing it pass under you stick or between your legs is rather depressing. Of course it depends on your distance to the p…
  • Also, trying these neat new dekes near the boards is pretty much hopeless against the 'grabby' CPU... you're stuck, the moment your anywhere near the boards.

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