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  • Sorry I meant please update the store on live 19 as well if you don’t mind
  • Y’all have to fix the Quai 54 jersey selections. The away and home jerseys can only be worn for away side when selecting the jersey. Come on EA really?
  • Man y’all made way too many changes to the game. The contest shot is joke now. I don’t have to be near a person to contest a shot. Pleas don’t make this game like 2k or I will never buy this again. I been a supporter of live since 95 please don’t m…
  • I would like for you to add a better layup format. It seems like layups are at all time high of difficulty. I would like to see an actual layup button or when when I am going into a layup animation have the layup trigger an option for a floater or s…
  • Naw I’m good I’ve talk to them a numerous amount of times and it has got me nowhere
  • So morning time cloud where am I supposed this issue? You tell me don’t post it on the forum but post it on the forum??? How does that make sense? Anyway I just bout live 19 from the live 18 and was supposed to get 33% off and didn’t. So can you hel…
  • Sorry guys I got a little sloppy with the trying. What I was saying is that I was told from an EA customer service rep that s that an update is on the way in the upcoming days. I am still waiting on the update but I also asked will my the one player…
  • Yea I had to start all the way over my wing scorer was at 98
  • Yea I had to start all the way over my wing scorer was at 98
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