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  • I just want to pop in and comment that I agree with the OP wholeheartedly. EA, fix the player movement.I played hardcore just about every single night for hours with friends on NHL 08-12 because it was FUN. Now, the movement in this game is just fru…
  • I'm truly not just trying to split hairs, but what about the time it takes to decide who is going to be the one to join first, and therefore who should be followed by everyone.. what about the time it takes to communicate that amongst 2, 3, 4 people…
  • No. I agree with the OP, I liked being able to customize attributes. It was fun having classes that I could tweak to my particular tastes. It was also fun making changes, playing some games to see if it worked, then going back to the drawing board.
  • By group match making are you referring to being able to go in a private room together and then make it public? If so, that's annoying in that one person always has to do all the work of individually inviting people to the room, and then making it p…
  • OTP lobbies + being able to invite friends directly to the game, was *integral* to the fun I had with the NHL series. It was how I met new people to play with, and how we continued to play 'for fun'. EASHL just gets too serious... and we just loved …
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