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  • We are still consistently ignored and tossed to the side, but just a reminder that if you’re frustrated because of the awful game they released this year, be sure to go and tell them. Report your bugs, even if the thread is made. Make a new one. Let them see how many of us are unhappy
  • Don’t think they’re ever bringing this back. They like to take away features, and give us less to work with. Forced to play the game how they think we should, not allowed to play it how we want and have fun with it
  • It’s been a bug since launch, and we’ve brought it up to EA for months. They’ve ignored it completely and I don’t think a fix is ever going to come. Not til nhl22... maybe
  • It is so sad. But I’m pretty sure we’re stuck with FM and BAP being in the pathetic state it’s in. Unless it’s a huge bug that breaks everyone’s game, I doubt we’re getting any updates or fixes
  • I mean, when I get home from work, I have no issue going through the patch notes and pointing out how neglected FM is. And in all honesty, the dmen chem, and line sub should’ve been caught before release. The game was rushed and FM and BAP were, and still are, poorly done. Not to discredit the time and effort of the devs.…
  • 1 update is the record book fix, it’s still broken. Another is the trade value fix, it’s still broken. There’s for sure one, if not two updates for the conversations in BAP but they are still broken.. 1 was a critical issue fix for the substitution issue in FM, another 1 was the issue with dmen line chem, so far that’s…
  • Coaching and chemistry is a cool idea. Too bad they butchered it. They implemented it just awfully, and then haven’t bothered to try and fix it or tweak it and make it worthwhile. In its current state it’s useless. And I don’t think they’ll be doing anything with it either. If anything they’ll just remove it. Easier than…
  • Yeah I don’t think it’ll be coming back. They take the fun, realistic stuff out and put in boring, bland arcadey things that are broken and pathetic. What a waste of $80
  • Yeah that’s a big surprise. But I meant that comment in general. Most fixes are always going to HUT. And don’t forget that the time and resources allotted to HUT seems to be endless compared to FM which gets squat. They get all the updates and fixes. We get a broken game, and get ripped off $80
  • They aren’t even making any tweaks or fixes to FM or BAP. And even then, there is so few things they are fixing. It’s baffling how little is being put into nhl 21. Easily the worst entry in the series since nhl 15
  • This was a pathetic update. Very little was touched/added. Imagine if they didn’t take away our ability to edit players in the middle of FM? Then we could save them all the trouble of fixing stats. Added a couple players. FM hasn’t been fixed in over 50 days, and the two things they “fixed” are still broken
  • So sad and pathetic that FM or BAP aren’t even being touched after 60 days of its last “fix” which was record book, and trade values. Both of which are still actually broken. Offline players don’t matter. EA does not care about us, and doesn’t want to bother fixing their game modes that aren’t even playable. But since they…
  • Franchise mode has been awful this year. It used to be decent. But they took so many steps backwards this year and butchered it. It’s pretty pathetic to be honest. As long as EA keeps on letting kids gamble with the loot boxes, HUT will get the most attention and resources, leaving the loyal vet fan base hung out to dry
  • We’ve been asking for this since release in October. Patch 1.4 comes out tomorrow, and there’s literally no fixes for FM or BAP. I can guarantee that EA will not be implementing anything new to BAP this year. Doubtful that any bugs will be fixed either to be honest
  • They won’t be fixing anything so don’t hold your breath. If it isn’t card pack loot boxes, or HUT issues, it will hardly get the time of day to be looked at
  • They won’t fix the game. They make their money off HUT. BAP isn’t even getting any fixes this patch apparently. What a bad game. Shame on EA for releasing this junk
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