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  • As long as you don't insult HUT, you can't get warned or punished. I know this from first-hand experience.
  • Yes. lol...................
  • Obviously you aren't because I am with Colon on nearly every debate.
  • Been saying this for awhile now. We just need to "GitGud" according to the DIV 9 HUT biggies crowd lol. Insane...
  • *skates backwards, proves literally nothing* "See, told you you can do it! You inmature trolls just need to GitGUD HEHEHheueueuHEHUEHEuehHUeUh LULZZ XXxx QuickScop3355 xxXX Cr05BYYY DangZZBruhhh" Clown status.
  • Ahhh, another useless post talking about a mechanic from 13 that he assumes we all don't know about. Great insight, buddy. I'll go "learn how to play". What a constructive post! Go join the Xxx NHL legendZZ Xxx club with COGs, iBaddar, operter and da boiis, cause you're all so amazing at this game. I'm expecting you guys…
  • Hey! Seamless puck pickups give you more control, no matter the 1000s of proof that'd say otherwise, you "troll"!
  • I'm just going to start ignoring the trolls, as I know nothing will be done about them.
  • How will the community start growing, if we keep seeing an exodus of players every year? This game is being built by hockey fans, not hockey knowledgeable people, and the sliders year in and year out prove it is catered to casual play. Highlight-reel dekes and snipes are the name of the game. Now, this wouldn’t be a…
  • Did you just assume my gender?
  • If you're a console gamer and you like the NHL series (and EA titles in general), pick up an Xbox1, buy EA access for a year ($25 US) and you get all of last year's sports games for 25 bucks. As long as you have the membership, you get FIFA/Madden/NHL/NBA live 16 for no extra charge. That'd be the way I went if I was a…
  • You were skating backwards in the 2nd half of the gif...And as someone else stated, moving with the puck has never been the main concern of the skating engine. The skating engine gets 100x more wonky and mconfused when you are without the puck, and trying to make small adjustments while tracking the puck. So no, skating…
  • Exactly Nicky...
  • Notice how he doesn't start the crossovers directly across from where he wants to end up, because he knows the crossover animation wouldn't kick in, and he'd end up just backskating across the blueline. And he's calling you the troll...lol
  • "I think I'm really good at NHL. I play full-time forward and NHL 12/14 were two of my favroite games" Lol...Anyone else find that hilarious?
  • COGs, NHL 14 was the worst game for defensemen since NHL 09 lol... And, just because Mega is a full time EASHL G, doesn't mean he doesn't play vs or offline, which would all show the limitations to the skating engine. Stop trying to discredit an opinion, and just admit that there are limitations.
  • It was a tad floaty, there's no denying that. However, I see that engine getting weight added to it, as a much more realistic solution to achieve a hybrid solution that would appease most, than adding agility and responsiveness to TPS. I just haven't seen the strides from TPS to convince me otherwise.
  • At what point will we see a massive enhancement of the engine though? We've had this since NHL 13! 13, 14, both 15s, Legacy, 16, and now 17 have all been TPS games, and guess what? They are all basically the same! You know what's bad about that? The engine as is, is not in a very impressive state, given the fact that their…
  • Exactly lol! If you fall off the schwin bike because you can't balance, that's on you. If you can't turn left, because the Schwin bike doesn't turn left, that's on them. I wanted to to point this out, but I didn't want to get banned...Thanks for debunking that poor analogy for me. Skating in this game has been proven to…
  • Colon, I have agreed with literally everything you've said about skating. That's the message I've been trying to get across. It's not that I don't know how to avoid problems with the wonky skating 99% of the time, it's just that the goals that go in at high level club, are usually due to the 1% of the time someone gets…
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