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  • I totally have to disagree with you. This feature would be used constantly and daily by most every serious EASHL player. It would be the only place to test your builds in a club setting. Trust me it would be an asset to anyone trying to improve their skills in EASHL! I can’t see costs being to high to bring this back,…
  • Agreed it’s already bad enough trying hit a guy only to wind up and take a slap shot at his shins. Or you hit him the first time and it’s a bounce off and you line him up for the second hit and end up shooting the puck off his Stick. Very frustrating. But how else would you direct a hit? Or aim your hit? If you tried…
  • Happening almost every second game to my club on PS4
  • Happening very frequently I agree with you.
  • Patch Day! Dressing room errors back in full force North America side this morning and afternoon. Had a game not count also. Nice Jerseys EA!
  • Thank you
  • What’s wrong with it ? Impossible?
  • Right agree with all your points for sure. I’m off topic as this is for dressing room errors my bad.
  • Is there any chance that you could accept there is a massive issue with connection related problems now worldwide eh? It’s just gotta be everyone’s isp! Round the world all the isps are throttling us down wrecking our connections but only on NHL. No other titles are doing this to anyone! Must be our internet no way EA…
  • Thanks @WainGretSki I’ve been through it actually having the isp tech testing on their end while I played a 6s.There was no interruptions on their end! I pay for the best internet they have. Played through prime time all year even with the kids streaming Netflix and since that new server (apex legends releases almost exact…
  • Were you playing prime time? I personally think it’s all the time of day! During prime lets call it 5pm est - 12am est the game is chunky spikey and deylayed! Before and after these times it feels great! For me I seem to be having all the trouble during peek server load times!
  • Would you be able to elaborate on this statement for us please? A few details might help us understand how “it’s fixed” and what differences are noticeable.
  • @BoboFloggins I would also like to add I notice in the weekday mornings and daytime it’s very smooth, I’m thinking solely due to low server populations. I do not experience these lag/spike issues during lower population hrs including late night (roughly after 11cst) ... just another critical observation and detail. This is…
  • Like I said numbers are numbers! They are not reflecting the feel of the game. 40ms is a great ping still and very playable on any game I’ve played. I don’t believe the numbers presented to me on that screen, I just can’t! In no way is it reflecting the feel of the game. Or how it felt pre patch!
  • For sure thanks for this.. funny it shows a lower ping then I’m actually getting hahaha! I have tried me as the room leader but most of the time we run one of the east guys as room leader. The results are roughly the same. Happens to us regardless. I usually take room leader when we have someone further west of me in the…
  • Yes and have absolutely no other issues on any other games I play or any other internet services I use! I have done many things with the techs there aswell to try to resolve this latest issue for me. They are well aware of the many problems facing NHL customers and have received tonnes of calls and complaints regarding…
  • Located in Winnipeg central Canada. Used to see 20-25ms now I’m 40-50ms which is exactally what I should be seeing considering the fix to the chart. My club buds are spread out across the country but most live in eastern Canada/USA.
  • 60$ is sixty bucks! I actually paid 90$ and change on release day. A product is a product regardless of its origin or its genre. If a customer is not satisfied with a product there should be compensation. Especially when the product is damaged or broken. The Dressing Room Error alone, in my personal opinion, would classify…

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