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  • Eashl ... my bad
  • @WainGretSki shoulda seen it yesterday every second game was like that the whole night bud! Went on for about 2hrs then cleared up a bit once the population slimmed out round 1130 CST. In prime time it’s laggy as heck!
  • Regardless of all of your fancy networking thoughts! The game is not the same as it was all year! There is a problem! It was smooth all year now it’s spiking almost every game for almost everyone I play with! There has been a change! Thats my last game yesterday... it’s every game and at some point in the game there will…
  • Have to agree with you aswell. He is a Great CFL Voice too. He is a legend. Would be quite funny to hear him say silly things like catfish suggested! I would be entertained no doubt.
  • The silence is because they are not allowed to speak on the matter! Along the same lines as another well known problem we have all seen. (Dressing Room Error) they are aware of technical problems and cannot resolve it and I’m assuming they are most likely trying to quickly. In this case I’m thinking they don’t know the…
  • No sir...set em and forget em!
  • It’s been bugged since they added the captains back dude! There is a post about it way back in the fall!
  • Did you remove the “C” or “A” from a player in the club? Possibly changed captains?
  • Here is an idea tell all the people your pings where wrong all year! Tell them it was showing half of the real ping! The sheeple will believe anything! Then Tell them we added a extra server for you to better your gameplay!! Then add a new popular game to the same servers they use! Then blame them for having cheap internet…
  • Come on lag? For real? No way
  • Good luck bud they “fixed” the servers already! Apparently it’s a Very small amount of NHL19 customers who are experiencing poor connections and latency issues yet Shaw Canada is well Aware of the “NHL19 epidemic” so I am at total loss for words dude! It’s our fault try to source a better internet provider is all I can…
  • Lag? No way? Really? More then one person? Must be our internet boys! Funny I called my isp yesterday and it’s the biggest in western Canada! And the first question outta the techs mouth was “Are you playing NHL by chance?” Apparently this game has caused a lot of aggravation for many customers and they are well aware of…
  • thanks for responding EA. Good to know your looking into helping us all! Guess this game is now finished for good! Everytime you guys “improve” something you DESTROY it! This latest “improvement” is it for me I can’t even play the game now it’s so choppy and delayed! EA it’s time to bring in some staff who know what they…
  • Still no answers or acknowledgement or any kind of comment back from EA! So many people complaining of this! Hello? EA? I think it’s time we received one statement regarding the awful connection and delay problems many are suffering with as of recently! What Happened? Why is the game like this? Will the game remain like…
  • Not one comment back from EA..... that’s the troublesome part. Not one acknowledgment that this “new server” is not working the way they intended! Not one apology to the many who have only seen it get worse! The lag is unheard of.. the delay...the giant spikes that eventually drop you or your teammates! Can we get some…
  • If your skating backwards with the puck it’s definitely gonna feel slower because it is! Check the patch notes! They nerfed backskating with puck possession! Other then that speed hasn’t changed in my opinion.
  • Does a DEV have any insight on the server lag and the unheard of 1900ms 2300ms lagspikes and drops many of us are experiencing? Is there plans to address this recent problem that’s facing some of the community? I was under the assumption that the addition of the new central server was only supposed to improve this very…

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