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  • Not correct. Player synergies ONLY influence the stats of the players with that synergy activated. It only has a secondary effect on other players. If I Pass the puck with a player that has a player synergy with improved passing activated, that will of course also improve the receiving players' change of receiving the…
  • It's happening for me most times I try to enter HUT, I have to turn off the game, turn it back on and try again to get in.
  • Happening to me too. And there are multiple reports on Reddit. Rivals games not counting. Not much point in the mode when there's no payoff.
  • In fairness, they're not really trying to obfuscate the fact that packs are a lottery. Pack odds are easily accessible, so you can make a reasonably well-informed choice before you gamble your money. Many of the big packs have odds of less than 1% of receiving an 86+ OVR player, so what can you expect?
  • The standard pre-order only included up to two Choice Diamond packs. I don't know if both were supposed to be dropped in September, but both should have arrived by now. Any September packs that weren't claimed by the end of that month will have disappeared forever.
  • First of the month. Two diamond choice packs.
  • [Socair - edited quote] Wasn't changed at all in the content update. Interceptions work just the same as before.
  • ...and one more thing! Please stop my AI forwards from headlessly skating over the offensive blue line (going offside) when they are about to receive a pass. Once they are "locked-in" to receiving a pass, they completely ignore the fact that there's a blue line there and just stride over it without a second thought, long…
  • Before July 18 was only for the cover athlete card. The reason they say up to 10 packs is because you lose them if you don't redeem them in time. As in, if you ordered the Ultimate version, but you didn't dowload it or redeem your first pair of packs by the end of September, those packs are gone - now you will only receive…
  • I wrote a post here earlier and ended it by saying that the AI pass interceptions were "a bit OP". Well, I'm taking that back. Even against current 83 - 86 OVR player teams (HUT Online competitive) the AI pass interceptions a very OP. I can't even imagine what it will be like once you have to play 90-95 OVR players. The…
  • Feedback: we believe there is a consensus that the gameplay in NHL20 is in a good place so we don’t want to make any changes as of now. But there are a few areas we are monitoring and would like your feedback on: * Interceptions from behind * Inconsistency of low relative speed hits from console to console * Puck loss when…
  • Then your timing must be off because the shots are pretty hard when you get it right. If you wind up for a slapper before the pass reaches your shooting player, it's even harder.
  • Some additional tips. Defending rushes: Unless you're very confident in your abilities, don't try to hit or move towards the oncoming forwards. Instead back up at the appropriate speed to create a good gap, where you can both attempt pokes and block shots or passes. Stay in front of the forward, slightly to on the goal…
  • Hmm.. (I've played this series since 94) my takeaway so far is that it's the complete opposite when it comes to one-timers. When maintaining positioning my impression so far is that the AI is much, much better at taking away lanes, stopping passes from going "through" them and at closing up on players and preventing them…
  • Prices are not influenced by player type. What matters is: Overall - The higher the better Rating in most important categories - Speed, acceleration, agility, endurance, etc. matters much more than a lot of the other stats. The number of synergies - how many? Synergy categories - some synergies are much more attractive…
  • Pressing x really isn't the problem, that also lowers the players maneuverability and speed so much that boxing them out is no problem. It's those individuals that are really fond of, and adapt at, constantly gliding around with the stick all the way out at an extreme position until they can shoot short side or pass cross…
  • Soo.. don't play online until this is fixed then.. got it.
  • This. The 85 is as special card in connection to the Junior Championship. EA has stated that they will only reward a 2 point overall boost per player per month this year, so the next upgrade for Zadina would be to a 77 overall max...
  • What I would like to see someone do is: Play 20 games with their 90+ team in one condition, say online league division 1 and note the key stats. Crucially all key information about the opponent would also need to be registered. Team overall, ranking, record, last 20 games etc. Absolutely no subjective information is…
  • You're right. Poke checks from behind are overpowered. Every player does takeaways like Datsyuk in this game.
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