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  • well, ill answer that for you buddy. ea has been selling patches and dlc as full brand new game at full price. therefore they sale a pathetic amount of units, and literally a handful of people play the game and your lucky to even get 12 people in your game
  • game hasnt been fun for real hockey players since '12.
  • im a pretty nice person, you can prefer that its charged. thank you for your input. the game is made for everyone not just me. from my experience with the game, if theres an opening, i dont calll for energy from my muscles and wait till there ready to work, i just send it. so when you say otherwise, its humorous to me, and…
  • bruh. ammetuer alert. dont talk about real life you obviously never played at any half decent level. youre a spectating speculating fan
  • edits made to original post more descriptive arguments and examples in more organized fashion any input from devs?
  • i think that a poke check should just bounce off the leg/hip of a skater if its not a good poke, causing 0 hinderance to the puck carrier 88% of the time.. rather than being a trip 95% of the time. it already forces you into a quartersecond glide when using it, that you get beat even trying one in the first place. also,…
  • you dont keep your weight loaded on the stick when handling the puck. thats why they say "wow hes got soft hands" its a delicate finessey procedure. high sticks mostly occer when players try to bat the puck out of the air. and thats why its not allowed in the first place higher than the crossbar. or a wind up for a…
  • my guy did a 70mph backhand in the oppisite direction. i somewhat agree with animation comment. you can back hand pull it into a quick release forehand snapshot a little bit in front of your body at leas power and it would require an extra second for the goalie to prepare and react. how they would code that, idk
  • thanks ill try that
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