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  • (Quote) I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this in NHL 21. This years Madden and Fifa both have an option to "even" the playing field. Basically, what we've been saying has been in the NHL series for years. It's EA...and two…
  • Here are my thoughts. Whatever was done has jacked up the computer opponent. They are relentless with the puck and seem to have this uncanny magnetism to it now. Also, they seem much quicker to the puck. I'll revert back to the old tuner.
  • (Quote) Definitely hard to tell. You might see something happen that you didn't pay attention to before and think it was a change. I get this a lot when I don't play the game for a few days or weeks. Users are mentioning the AI is smarter, but I…
  • So......still no "update" from EA on the "update"?
  • I don't remember being able to change the tuner in NHL 19. No matter how you downloaded it, it was always the "Latest". The tuner selection ability was like 3 versions ago and then taken out..?
  • (Quote) Offline is so bugged. The AI is clueless, especially if you play position lock. Clear breakaway to the net, but the AI passes the puck back, etc. Nothing has been done to correct any of of this and EA wonders why we are so frustrated.
  • (Quote) Confused by this. We've only had one option for a tuner selection. Even though it shows the option to switch tuners, you can't. We used to have the option to select the tuner we wanted, but again, another feature removed.
  • I'll have to try that. I'll just move that one slider on each line and see what happens.
  • After awhile of playing this, I still don't see any difference those individual strategies make. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Should I just not even touch those strats?
  • For me, I found that keeping sliders the same values on All Star works fine. However, I also think there is a CPU player boost on All Star and up. Because of this, I lower the CPU Player Acceleration slider 10 points below the HUM slider. I still…
  • I always laughed at the CPU goalie ability to move from one side of the net to the other in a blink of an eyes to make a save. Meanwhile, my goalie is still trying to figure out how to skate and let's a slow lob shot just slowly...move....by...him.…
  • (Quote) I do agree with this the illogical AI. I have posted several videos of the AI making illogical decisions. Skating across the crease with an open net and passing to the point instead...breakaway to the net but passing....or passing BACK in…
  • Oh I've posted about it a few times, but it seems to not get attention. It's pretty blatant how bad the AI is. This was one game and not even through the 2nd period before I just quit because another poor AI logic decision cost me a goal. But, at…
    in Gameplay Reply by Steven5470 June 4
  • I would love to see the current announcers removed. I turn them off because all they do is yell and it's annoying. Doc was much better. Heck bring back Jim Hughson or bring on Pat Foley. If you want guest commentators, stick with hockey players …
  • Speaking of game play, EA needs to address the horrible AI passing issues in this game. This is beyond madness with the AI passing "logic". Tampa Bay up the boards and could clearly dump the puck. But no, passes back. https://youtu.be/J…
    in Gameplay Reply by Steven5470 June 3
  • I think all features you can do with Threes or Chel online, you should be able to do offline vs AI. Plus, after years and years, it would be nice to have an All Star game / Trny with 3v3. Besides fixing the horrible AI, I would definitely recommen…
    in NHL 21 Reply by Steven5470 June 3
  • Yea. I've been playing around with these a lot lately. Eff/Energy seems to make slight difference, but it almost creates the "bumblebee" affect. All the players seem to swarm to the front of the net. It's like a mini-riot going on with…
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