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  • Exact same thing I've experienced using Position Lock. They go into a aggression mode that is unstoppable. Even the "lower" rated teams become superstars. It's super frustrating.
  • Don't forget the CPU ability to get crushed into the boards, but still pick up the puck, make an amazing pass to the front of the net (from the boards mind you) for a goal. Or the CPU pinned against the boards, but can still rocket fire a pass to the net for a goal. Or all the rebounds and deflections that amazingly go to…
  • I would like to see a balanced gameplay. I'm convinced there is no balance anymore. Pro favors the HUM and All Star definitely favors the CPU this year. On All Star, even with sliders equal, the CPU is relentless with scoring and passing (even with both those at low ratings). I would like to see the ability to play a game…
  • Think I might be done and chalk this years game as a $60 loss. The CPU on All Star is relentless regardless of the sliders. Probably the 10th game straight the CPU has scored 1-2 goals before me in the 1st period. And probably 5th game they have scored 3 goals in the 1st period. Doesn't matter where they shoot, they score.…
  • I've been curious about these sliders for years. If you put your HUM strategy slider at 3 or more, why doesn't it adjust the individual line sliders as well? Does the CPU make those line slider adjustments throughout the game? I keep playing around with these as well, but really see no difference in positioning, etc.
  • I'm definitely seeing that "speed" issue again this year in offline (position lock) play. It's actually more ridiculous than last year. I've tried to balance it by putting the CPU acceleration at 15 and HUM at 25. Helps a tad, but that's it. I just played a Winnipeg (Me) vs Buffalo. Buffalo was so aggressive and all over…
  • It's odd because "coach mode" is in the NHL series and works. But they can't seem to get it right with Madden.
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this in NHL 21. This years Madden and Fifa both have an option to "even" the playing field. Basically, what we've been saying has been in the NHL series for years. It's EA...and two of their big titles have it, so I wouldn't be surprised.
  • Here are my thoughts. Whatever was done has jacked up the computer opponent. They are relentless with the puck and seem to have this uncanny magnetism to it now. Also, they seem much quicker to the puck. I'll revert back to the old tuner.
  • Definitely hard to tell. You might see something happen that you didn't pay attention to before and think it was a change. I get this a lot when I don't play the game for a few days or weeks. Users are mentioning the AI is smarter, but I've seen that on rare occasions previously. Without knowing what was updated, you can't…
  • So......still no "update" from EA on the "update"?
  • I don't remember being able to change the tuner in NHL 19. No matter how you downloaded it, it was always the "Latest". The tuner selection ability was like 3 versions ago and then taken out..?
  • Offline is so bugged. The AI is clueless, especially if you play position lock. Clear breakaway to the net, but the AI passes the puck back, etc. Nothing has been done to correct any of of this and EA wonders why we are so frustrated.
  • Confused by this. We've only had one option for a tuner selection. Even though it shows the option to switch tuners, you can't. We used to have the option to select the tuner we wanted, but again, another feature removed.
  • True. I'm hoping we don't have to control a player anymore on 'coach' mode. Right now, it's not a "true" coach mode like they have in NHL 20.
  • I'll have to try that. I'll just move that one slider on each line and see what happens.
  • After awhile of playing this, I still don't see any difference those individual strategies make. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Should I just not even touch those strats?
  • For me, I found that keeping sliders the same values on All Star works fine. However, I also think there is a CPU player boost on All Star and up. Because of this, I lower the CPU Player Acceleration slider 10 points below the HUM slider. I still see the CPU accelerate quickly depending on their ratings. I feel this helps…
  • I always laughed at the CPU goalie ability to move from one side of the net to the other in a blink of an eyes to make a save. Meanwhile, my goalie is still trying to figure out how to skate and let's a slow lob shot just slowly...move....by...him....for a goal.
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