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  • > @EA_Blueberry said: > If you created a HUT team on the PS5 or Series X/S you will not be able to transfer your content over to the next gen. This feature is intended for those that do not yet have a Gen 5 console and are planning to transfer it during the holiday season. Thank, you. It's very bad. I have lost my players…
  • I think, I have to wait until December. Unfortunately, I’m not sure about December. How will it work? I will have to create a new team or I just will mix two teams.
  • > @porkyfatty20 said: > Can I transfer my PS4 team to my ps5 I started playing on ps5 first by accident I’m curious cause I have a PS4 team too let me know plz I have the same problem. I bought PS5 and I want to migrate my hut team.
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