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  • Started my first franchise in 21 yesterday. A lot of bugs. Very disappointed
  • Best of luck in your endeavor. A skill gap for forwards is not encouraged. Tap, tap, tap, hustle, force pass, score, celly, stand on your head, put it on your resume. Wow!!!!! Make sure you eat a balanced breakfast, take your vitamins, glide, feather LT, face the play, make no movement, and be 100% rocket science accurate…
  • That's the key. If 3+ guys can't beat 2 that is on them. Besides, it does have too many game modes
  • @Sega82mega This play is exactly what I'm talking about. This pass never gets through in hockey. It's a dumb play. It's a force. No skill required there
  • @Mr_Darklighter Dude, 3's is an arcade disaster zone. It's not even hockey. The worst mode ever. 6's is the closest thing we can get to actually playing the sport with 2 of us who play actual, real life hockey. I don't know what to tell you. I didn't make the game the way it is. Why should we have to suffer through 3's?…
  • @KidShowtime1867 , I am telling ya! Definitely not the best player out there but I am like the only dude who uses the chip/flip dekes. It is crazy. I have seen 1 guy do the behind the net, Crosby play. Everyone one else is a hustle, force pass player. We are Div 3 and I have only been "wowed" by 1 player/team. They were…
  • Oh, I know @TTZ_Dipsy . We do just that. Hence my fun question. Is it really "fun" to be able to score constantly? We have put up 12 goals and over like 4-5 times I think? I guess fun to me is different than fun to others. Still, nobody has answered my offensive skill gap question...
  • I can buy that. Just for clarity, I am not one of those people. I get a kick out of beating these nerds. 2 of us pound teams 70% of the time. However, I highly doubt this NHL community of gamers will figure this out. They have been taught to be lazy for so long now that their response will be to just quit. Maybe that works…
  • @jmwalsh8888 So far, with only 75 games-ish played in 6's, we have seen some interesting things. 1. AI goalies get smoked on cross-creasers. I would say, comfortably, that they save that play 15% of the time. Which isn't enough. To be fair, that should be more 35-75 in favor of scoring because, yes, it is a game and it…
  • To return to my initial questions because debating the validity/ability to stop this is NOT the issue: 1. Is this really "fun"? and 2. Where is the offensive skill gap?
  • About 80% of the time I can disrupt this. I play a decent 2 way game as a C. The problem is, though, that I refuse to not attack all game. These 2 on 1's you speak of start out as 2 on 2's, 3 on 3's, etc. All you have to do is: click r-stick, hustle, skate as fast as possible down the wing on a slight angle, and you blow…
  • I stop it usually. We only have 2 of us in 6's right now. Hard to be everywhere as a C. As a goalie, it is usually pretty easy to anticipate too. It is the go-to play for a reason though. It is easy to win but the re-playability will not last. I promise you that. At some point, this will turn stale if this is all you see.…
  • So, seeing the same play every rush is balance? Sure. I mean, I can play defense against it. That doesn't mean it isn't crap.
  • Unfortunately, it is only my brother and I in 6's right now. I play G sometimes as well. None of my friends got it this year
  • This is where I am at now, @untouchable_BF1 : I think the defensive accountability factor is awesome. Being a solid defender in 21 is back to being what it used to be...worth it's weight in gold. If you are good, you are a tough customer. If you are bad, then you get torched. Offensive accountability is a joke. On defense…
  • I think the game has potential, Kor. So many cool things you can do. The only problem is that you don't have to use them. Tap, tap, tap, hustle, cross-crease. It's fun but if this doesn't get altered a bit it will get stale quick. Thats my worry
  • The puck can find the smallest crevice yet intercepting passes when facing the puck is tough because you're "not gliding". These are the kinds of backwards things they do. Game has so much potential but its not realized
  • @jmwalsh8888 , good stuff brotha. For idea 1, I guess we can all test slower passing speeds offline and see what kind of outcomes it creates. For idea 2, I think what I put in bold is a pretty good characterization of the weirdness to passing. No bounding puck, very little backhand penalty, no real penalty to space, time,…
  • @jmwalsh8888 Do you think it is the speed itself or the charging of the mechanic that is off? What about the physics of it? Should players be able to throw rocket passes with their stick fully extended?
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