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  • @EA_Blueberry No, everything is still the same. Things were better yesterday as far as playing online, I only had to reset my internet once, but after that it was fine.
  • @damiankinzler I’m like 50/50 on your post. I do agree that there are vast improvements into the game, but then on the other side, there are a lot of things that EA can improve on in little areas like face scanning, equipment updates, better selection of players in these promos, which is a big one for me. I can care less…
  • @EA_Blueberry yes that is correct, I followed all the steps from EA help and all the steps you provided as well and nothing helped the situation. The only way I was able to play online was to disconnect my internet and re-connect my internet every time I wanted to play an online game.
  • @EA_Blueberry the servers are still messed up for PS4, I had to disconnect my internet after every online game just to hop into another game. Can we make this a priority to get the servers back up and running fully. This has been about a week for me that this has occurred and still nothing was fixed.
  • @EA_Blueberry The game keeps giving me an error message and taking a long time to load into a game. It doesn’t have anything to do with my WiFi router or any of that, so these steps are useless for me. I already did majority of these steps Anyways and i kept getting the same message. I can play other games online except…
  • I couldn’t play any online modes after this update, I reinstalled my game, which took hours and still couldn’t play online modes.
  • I can’t play anything online i reinstalled my game and everything what’s going on with these updates and not being able to play
  • @EA_Blueberry What is powered cycled? I may have done that. Is that restarting my console because I seen that with the new update, EA suggested to restart console which I did do.
  • @EA_Blueberry servers are having issues loading into H2H seasons during Mut. An error message occurs and makes me load back into another game or gives me a loss because it gets stuck on the loading screen. I checked my connection and rebooted my WiFi and still have the same issues.
  • I think the folks at EA should really look into this. I never understood ther reason behind decreasing the amount of Xp that is rewarded during solo challenges or even games itself. Too many players quit out of games and you literally only get 80xp at the most after playing a full quarter. A lot of players don’t have the…
  • @Neo_Novalis I really like the idea of splitting game modes sort of how they had a trial run with the competitive H2H mode with a cool down time and the gameplay was on all All madden. They can do something like that with a separate math making pool and collect data off of players to see how they like it compared to…
  • @Neo_Novalis I like this insight on House Rules. I, myself never play House Rules simply because the rewards are never worth it. EA wants players to play 45-50 games in 3-4 days to get a 87 overall and few thousand coins. When you calculate the time you spent playing these games and the rewards you get back, it never…
  • @Dabrowns69 I couldn’t agree more! Nobody wants to keep losing game after game just because they can’t get a good match.
  • There is nothing balanced or equal skill level about that match up. That is ridiculous and needs to be fixed. The game is so competitive now that there is nothing fun left in the game. Not every player that plays MUT is looking to sweat every game they play. Fix matchmaking!!
  • @EA_Blueberry How do you determine some of these card for TOTW? Jamal Lewis should have got a card week 2 when he set a game record and scored 3 tds against the Browns, but yet he has yet got a card for TOTW. There are a lot of examples of players that absolutely balled and yet they don’t get a card. Are they scheduled for…
  • Absolutely makes no why powerups are that expensive.
  • @Neo_Novalis I brought this up in a Muthead chat when Scary fast dropped and yet a lot of players did not get cards that should have got cards, but it seemed like the same teams that always gets cards got new items or upgrades. I’m thinking that once the Christmas promo hits or even the Blitz promo, the market may come…
  • @Neo_Novalis I think this promo is set to keep the market at a respectable place and not let it tank to bad. The players are going to be much better with the second release of the 50 players this week, hopefully this is where you see the Randy Mosses and the Ed Reeds, etc. The guys who are actually fun and actually made an…
  • @EA_KRAELO Team standout powerups were suppose to do into packs, but I have yet to pull a Chuck Clark powerup? Is there a lower chance to pull these powerups by chance?
  • Can someone explain to me how you guys at EA pick these cards for promos. You always leave out cards that should 100% be in a promo and they never get a card, but you will put them in the most random promo that nobody cares about. Tyreek Hill, Hollywood Brown, Marquise Goodwin, and Godwin, all of these guys should have…
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