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  • they really don't care they'd rather punish average players than actually do what their jobs should be only cheaters prosper with EA
  • the online experience is an absolute joke. 1/3 of games with GOOD connections are practically unplayable because one player has a DISTINCT advantage in response time from players. When you pass up out of your zone and your player comes to a full stop and takes AGES to move the puck again, and get real hes not moving the…
  • Ive lost some edge no doubt, and really doubt its connection have played 2 more games in 80s, and now it seems my opp is facing the issues. My players are obviously faster, and my AI was stripping the puck like crazy. I use to lol at tilt claims, but this is just unreal game is just bad, no idea why EA wont host servers…
  • I legit tried 1 more game with the same results adding my opponent just ragged the puck after going up 2 nothing, finished 6-1, because its impossible to steal the puck His team was out skating my team like crazy, chasing him was a joke. How are you supposed to take puck off of someone ragging? I am at a loss for why my…
  • Game is really bad online. Connection issues galore, puck ragging galore, no options for defense against someone figure skating in corner, hopeless AI, broken passing/player switching, short side goal from corner where replay shows the goalie moving OUT OF THE WAY of shots that go short side high. Players getting danced…
  • I picked this up cyber Monday, was excited about some of the development/progression rewards I saw in HUT. Have be absolutely horrrrrrified by the gameplay experience, I would give a no-nut-November over again to have the gameplay of NHL15 back. Its really sad that connection issues are still so rampant after 5 years, and…
  • i average 20ms in games, and even in games where its 10-15ms you still get input delay and messed up control reactions. its unbelievable that this happens, EA fails utterly at providing adequate servers. They are the biggest cheepskates in this area, rather just keep those profits up. Thank the BoD and shareholders.
  • you can still have 10ms and the game will have input delay, ITS A JOKE. DO NOT BUY
  • Did EA pay you for this post? Input delay is almost constant and atrocious. Game is in terrible shape from lack of responsiveness alone.
  • THIS, CAUSE EA IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL Its like Donald Trump was in charge (not trying to troll here)
  • The game is a joke. DO NOT BUY
  • Game is absolute garbage from input lag/delay alone. Cant makes the players do anything right, and beyond that the AI and passing/player switch actively chooses plays you haven't input, they output wrong. ITS A JOKE. DO NOT BUY
  • DO NOT BUY. GAME IS GARBAGE REGURGITATED. Just tie your hands behind your back, get wicked drunk, and youll have the same control as playing NHL 18
  • Puck raggin is a serious issue since my players are in quicksand 90%+ of games. Love when its so bad you try and pass to the player behind you net, and the goalie sends it there, and the games gives you a player in the circle. ****, fix you terrible goddamn game EA. NOT BUYING THIS GARBAGE. NO OTHER GAME BEHAVES THIS WAY.…
  • Ok, so NHL 18 Beta from the perspective of someone coming back who last played NHL 15. Friend made me aware of the BETA and here are. I aint no scrub though, easily 3k games played between 13-15, mainly HUT, but I had a versus record of 66-5-1 when I gave up on NHL 15. Ive played roughly 40 games of versus to this point.…
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