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  • I know of the one ban, has there been reports of multiple?
  • Yes you are! Both D and my Goalie buddies ended up turning it off.
  • In 20, the deeper you are in your net the more likely you are to get sniped. The idea was to reward better positioning and angles from human goalies. The goalie will automatically redirect shots. The only thing that didn't affect human goalies from all the changes is the "Threat Analysis" this is just for AI.
  • Haha couldn't tell you. I hope it makes it high enough on the priority list to get another look, but other than that we just got to find a way to work with it for now.
  • My buddies ended up turning the scoreboard off and just ask me for the score and time. The size, location and flashing all frustrate me. I will eventually get used to it, but I will never like it. Really needed to make sure options to resize and move it to where wanted was implemented before changing the scoreboard.
  • It was a change that was implemented long after the last event, and we were having a discussion with the devs after the gameplay trailer dropped. We had to clarify what can be talked about publicly and what can't when this piece of information came our way. I am glad we were able to share it at least and I would imagine…
  • I do feel the full sentiment you guys have with the most recent info drops. I was unable to attend the event this year so while my opinion and thoughts are quite limited, I don't see that the BR Type Mode mode was necessary. I am willing to give it a chance or two, but at this time I don't see myself playing it beyond the…
  • I would love another goalie on the cover or Gritty. ;)
  • I am pretty sure the default player type is two-way forward, you just need to edit your loadout or select the player type before readying up and change him to whatever class you want.
  • I don't mind the idea of loan cards. They can be used for sets after you reach 0 games, so they still hold some value. The thing I don't like about them is that I don't like changing my lines to get the synergies I want every 5-10 games because my loan cards keep running out. Right now, i'm just not using them at all.…
  • Sweet thanks, I'll test that out tonight.
  • Only problem is, I like to hear the arena music in club EASHL. :P
  • I like the look of the arena itself for drop-ins, but this background music while playing is going to make me sick of the menu music in the next few days.
  • Quick reminder: When you are closing the game, make sure you manually close it. Highlight NHL 19, press start and select quit. Some people are having hours still count. You don't want to accidentally burn through your 10 hours while offline.
  • Yeah.. I thought they were real time but they are more of a hybrid. Little bit dissapointed in that.
  • I did notice that I was going to have a different build for ONE's, 3ASHL and 6's. I do fear that ONE's might have a dominant build that most will use, we will see if any changes come that way. 3's I felt I wasn't going for hits as much so I might opt for more speed there.. 6's I love my powerforward.
  • This is exactly what I was going to say, I would like to see the instigator penalty if I am being forced into a fight.

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