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  • Skating style behaviour still not fixed ..
  • There are not enough servers that is the reason for this .. it’s funny people who play this game over in Montreal never have issues with a ping of 6
  • Yea I agree with the skating it needs to be fixed .. when turning without the puck or stop and go feels weird like my guy is having a hard time like he’s getting stuck
  • Lol .. ea must be the worse when it comes to online gaming it’s so brutal.. your not hearing anyone complaining? That’s all I hear when I’m playing 6,s people complaining about high pings and player delays .. so don’t give me this bull.. people are just fed up of complaining on Here because all u say is the same thing to…
  • EA what about a server in TORONTO how do you only have only 1 server in Eastern Canada in Quebec?
  • Yea servers are still crappy.. how does ping go from 16 - 100- 20 lol ea you guys have lots of work to do with these servers .. I miss 2K nhl
  • I’m asking about eashl not online versus
  • Does nhl 20 on the Xbox run better on ipv6 or ipv 4 when it comes down to eashl .. I know there was some issues with ipv6 before but do t know now .. some still say it still runs better on ipv4 ?
  • [quote="Sega82mega;c-2128217"]Aww, I thought I had something going here, but yesterday I read a tip from the good o'l Blueberry tellin someone to try to switch with the lpv6 settings. And that made a hughe diffrent, atleast how it felt yesterday. [/quote] what did u do turn on ipv6 or turn it off .. or u just using ipv4 ..…
  • @EA_Roger
  • @EA_Blueberry
  • @EA_Blueberry can u share the link with all your ea servers please .. and can you tell me if there are any servers in Toronto and Montreal
  • [quote="Toronto77777;c-2130885"]Can you share that link with all the servers ? From what I know there are servers in Toronto[/quote]. I mean Montreal
  • [quote="Socair;c-2130888"]@Toronto77777 I merged your topic on Toronto needing servers into here as it’s a bit redundant to make a new thread.[/quote] Okay
  • Can you share that link with all the servers ? From what I know there are servers in Toronto
  • When are you guys going to get some servers up in Toronto, Ontario? How pathetic this game is when it comes to online with pings of 1000 ? The only closest server to us in Toronto is in Montreal... I know guys who ply in Montreal with pings of 8ms - 15 ms why can’t we get that over here in Toronto.....
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