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  • I would be happy if you could carry over your franchise after 25 years into a new save and start again, but this time you have your previous saves roster and stats
  • Got injured in the conference finals in my 8th or so year. Ended up missing the rest of the playoffs and did not get to play or watch the stanley cup finals where my team would end up winning the cup. I was very mad that I won my first cup in BAP and I did not get to play the last 6 or so games. No clue what injury I had
  • I'm pretty sure trades are broken btw. I was drafted in the 4th round and in my 2nd year I was named captain. Yotes signed Couturier and mid way through the season both OEL and Couturier had been traded to two different teams. I could not find any sort of value the Coyotes had gotten for the two players. Nobody in the NHL…
  • > @EA_Blueberry said: > @Travisty093 > > I suppose it could be possible. Do you think a lot of players would opt to use that style instead? Majority of people I have talked to really wish that option was available. I personally would use it. I would much rather have the ability to hold the passing button at a strength and…
  • > @EA_Blueberry said: > @Travisty093 > > Thank you for the explanation. I believe the change was done that way to make it more consistent when you passed. When it was by sensitivity you might pass it faster than intended or when hardware breaks down (controller trigger) that can pose an issue. Is there any way to have that…
  • I am going to assume EA has not responded to boost sales on the game and that NHL 21 will not support higher refresh rates
  • > @EA_Blueberry said: > Thank you for taking time out to post your honest feedback on the game, @SpittinFiar > > Can you describe a little more on what you mean by this though? > > "why is pass speed correlated to time held rather than pressure?" > > If you're genuinely interested in joining the EA NHL Team, our career…
  • Is there any chance at having the ability to go further than the 25 year cap in franchise mode?
  • > @BruinsHockey08 said: > You should complie the list from the links here instead of making us go to each one. > > I think the player development idea is fairly unique. > > Edit: never mind I see what you're saying. Length of seasons and the overall length Franchise Mode could use more options. I agree with your point. Why…
  • Can't seem to edit my comment, but here are some links of people asking the same request. https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/257876/length-of-franchise-mode https://www.reddit.com/r/EA_NHL/comments/4nhjq9/gm_mode_length_in_nhl_17/…
  • I've been asking for this one simple feature for literally the last 10+ years. But please allow us to play past the 25 year cap. I want to run a team for 100 years so that I can experience building up a championship team and having them slowly decline and having to deal with rebuilding after my stars have left or retired…
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