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  • Try it you lift like a banshee I don’t do it because I don’t like being in the penalty box. But as far as the original post goes there is something in 19 since the beta came out that allows for a constant lift especially in battles on the boards but…
  • There is auto stick lift you just have to hold x. And AI and user lift like mad. Only issue is you can pick up interference penalties if you aren’t watching who your user controlled player is near.
  • At least you just got a face off. I scored and it took it away.
  • Roger is right everyone has their opinions and as long as there are threes and ones and arcade type modes in this game EA will make sure the raggers and players that don’t actually play hockey but take advantage of the arcade skills, which hey it’s …
  • It’s not dda or tilt they have changed the ratings on lifts pokes dekes etc I had a defender by himself with the puck in the corner. In my end no defensive pressure couldn’t pick up a loose puck and kicked it to the guy on the blue line who stepped …
  • Honestly nothing it’s the same game that encourages ragging and figure skating I’m playing out 19 and then I’m done. I have played this everyday since the release. All it has become is spam lift and poke chop puck. AI swarms I played a game second p…
  • (Quote) Thank you.
    in Help Reply by TreborMalkin August 8
  • (Quote) Which is what I was asking it isn’t like exploits are in the instructions. Is there a site YouTube etc that shows tips etc.
    in Help Reply by TreborMalkin August 7
  • If I titled this tilt everyone in this community would respond. But what I love most is when you ask for help not a peep.
    in Help Reply by TreborMalkin August 7
  • I played in the cs qualifier last night up 5-0 going into third on 23 shots. I put 13 shots on net in 3rd 0 goals same shots as first two periods. End up in OT with them scoring 5 on 6 shots in the third. 3 goals from the wall above the face off cir…
  • There isn’t anything new in game play those that are top players now will be top player in 20 not because they have to learn anything new but because the same glitch dss poke lift protect the puck is the same it’s not because they have faster twitch…
  • I didn’t say and I apologize if it was implied cross crease passes are bad shots or shouldn’t go in. The beta played no different to me the goalies were no better or more difficult to score on. You can stil crouch while on the breakaway and not be …
  • Thanks for the help, for those who don’t know if you finish in the top 250 of a cs, you will be eligible for the q1 of the next season even though you have won a qualifier card in the cs.
  • (Quote) Scary thing is we loved the beta last year. They say goalies are better? I just took a wild slap shot from the left wing vs Tampa playing as Pittsburgh Vasilevsky turned as it got close to his glove and ushered it into the net. The shut d…
  • If they don’t fix inconsistencies nothing has me sold. One game with a 43 ping I fly around the ice next game with a 16 like I’m in mud.
  • Don’t give me it’s cause he is small my 1” taller 90 dipietro has a 3.1 gaa and an 87% save pct.
  • The only time I would back out is if my connection was not green or it was playin. The same team back to back regardless if I had just won or lost.
  • So by knowing how and when to shoot creates the video game glitch aspect of the game. A quality shot in this game is not rewarded as much as a glitch spot goal. I can handle getting beat by a player who jukes the goalie on a break or on a one handed…
  • It doesn’t need to be part of the game. And what is the purpose of messaging someone they don’t know if I’m a 50 year old or a 10 year old. It could very well be a teen doing it or an adult but it doesn’t need to be in the game or in conduct in gene…
  • (Quote) So I should expect my 89 overall lehner who is 6’4” to have a less than 50% save. I have won over 500 games online I understand players are better than me and those losses I can handle. I can’t handle the players who crouch to a stand still…
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