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  • 1. More realistic gameplay 2. Everything else. Bigger draft classes with stats etc, new scouting system. Coordinators, coaches, creating plays and so on. Look at head coach 09 for help and build on that. 3. Player ratings. The absolute overall ratings makes things kind of dull. The ratings could be more dynamic, players…
  • Please EA, bring back the Head coach -series or get all that into your Madden franchise mode. Head coach 09 is still great and 10 years forward it should be even better. Franchise mode in Madden as it is now is pretty much useless if it makes me play a 10 year old game on a outdated console.
  • You can do it in coach mode.
  • My NHL 19 wish is don't do it. Take a year off to get it together and release a better game. Thanks.
  • This is something I've never understood in this series. Why does the defenseman have to stop his momentum when retrieving the puck. Especially if there is pressure coming they should keep their momentum going and try to skate out of trouble. If that can't be done then clear it along the boards and as a last resort pin it…
  • Gameplay needs to be more like hockey. Tighter gap control and players keeping their position, knowing what's going on around them and reacting to stuff. Especially defensive AI should be fixed. Defensive players should know when to just clear the puck, not always skate or pass it in front of their net. Players should…
  • AI in general should be much better at positioning and in situational awareness. Increasing the difficulty should not cause more errors by your AI players and easy goals, but tighter checking and overall gameplay. I swear your AI defensemen leave players open and/or leave their position on purpose and the higher the…
  • here: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/150212/defensive-ai#latest
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