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  • I havent bought this game and played UFC 3 from beta to Aug this year relentlessly. At the release of this game it was clear it was intended for casuals who will always leave after a couple of months. Take away my ability to grow and progress a team of fighters with move sets I choose in Ultimate team as well and you leave…
  • I played UFC 3 from Beta to close grinded UT like it was nobodys business....I have no intrest in purchasing this game. Im 9 hrs into my trial and career mode is same ole...more time trining than fighting. I like alot of the clinch improvements. Feel like strking took a step back except for blocking with head movement. But…
  • Is there any caf progression like ufc 3? Just Stale stagnant fighters who dont grow and improve?
  • Is there any fighter progression? Packs to earn open and improve? I played the heck out of ultimate team and thats it, is the new online mode worth me buying? Thanks!
  • Youve been around a while, I liked Ultimate Team and played UFC 3 since the beta but never quick fights Don't know if I should get 4...... Can we select moves anf attributes with our cafs? Are there packs to earn and open? Do our cafs progress at all? Thanks!
  • Oct 2018 when Master Cormier came out the cpu ate my lunch. I raged and raged but because of that i became quicker and better at denying transitions, subs and takedowns. It sucked but got me better. You dont wanna hear this but stuff the takedown. Use it as practice to deny all of the above.
  • I agree with the thought theres alot to do. 1 month from now seems rushed, like release it and tune it later. I enjoyed the new grappling concepts, I just dont know how to execute much of it. The subs seem op like the beta from 3. Hopefully with time the new sub mini games will feel better, I liked the chain subs from 3…
  • Where are the beta forums? Thanks!
  • I got my code this morning
  • I see what you mean.. What about the thought that this game is almost at its end.....hopefully UFC 4 is 6 months or so away. And lets just open UFC 3 up! Finish with a bang!! The more 5 star fighters available to the player base the better the fights!! Afterall we can only use 1 fighter at a time...who cares if people have…
    in Events Reply by WaterIAm May 2020
  • Something that would let us build our gold fighters into masters.....without needing wildcards. It would add alot of variety and help build interest in other fighters. There are alot of fighters that would be fun to use if they had stats to compete.
    in Events Reply by WaterIAm May 2020
  • Diaz is great in the pocket! I picked him up last night. I wasnt sure why everyone was talking about old spotlight fighters. I didnt know they were available, I've been playing baseball (which btw has a great rewards system for online players and non online players to earn...i encourage UFC 4 to use a similar rewards path)…
  • During events that let you....like the last event in December.
  • When did master permanent perks become available? Did I miss something?
  • I like using Kimbo but always felt his start up frames were slow. Thats prob why i wont get him.
  • If you use wildcards instead of buying the master spotlight fighter do you still get the moves and perks?
  • I was wrong lvl 6 = elite move Shard 4 and lead hooks are dropping good tonight. 4 out of 5 moves i cashed in are lead hook.
  • 5,000 coins and a shard set today.
  • Thanks.... I got a master double under today and 15k. Hope they keep escalating.
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