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  • there are many gamers who don't have the issues you do, and just saying "I know this game inside and out" does not make your complaints any more viable... frankly I have very few issues when playing this game... passes almost always go right where I want, it took some getting use to but got the shot aiming figured out…
  • i never have issues passing, and most times my shots go where i want
  • setting aside thats not an EA issue thats an issue you have with other gamers... the fact is that "people don't play the way I like" isn't really a valid argument... its a video game, people play to have fun
  • my point is its not terribly implemented because its something that can be fun to use but is not necessary or required and doesn't interfere with the game if you don't wanna use it
  • i don't pay a lot of attention to who the coaches want where, as long as its not in the negative... for example using the leafs, the top line that got highest coach rating was Matthews, Z.****, Kapanen but I like keeping the real life pairs of Matthews/Nylander and Tavares/Marner together, so I had a top line of…
  • whenever im playing sports games, whether its nhl, mlb, madden, i rarely if ever listen to the game... its become a habit where i either A) play my own music B am talking to friends im playing with or C) have my laptop infront of me with a video on I watch as I play
  • this was something i tested during the beta in VS a lot and I gotta say I totally disagree... i played games as the top teams in the league and teams at the bottom, and it felt a lot easier with the good games... now obviously with any sports game a huge portion depends on the gamers skill. But I can remember two specific…
  • skating, and all the changes to franchise mode... i already know i will get a lot of use out of this game
  • not to completely derail this thread but i need to address the huge flaws in this statement first off "freedom of speech" refers to the government not being allowed to infringe on your right to say what you want... it has nothing to do with a message board online thats totally up to the owner... a message board could make…
  • i suggest any franchise fans go watch xtechs video, some quality stuff, expands on some stuff between fog of war some retired players becoming scouts and being able to use custom rosters in expansion franchise is going to be a lot more intense
  • the phone thing was annoying, you should not be limited like that... if a trade is rejected you shouldn't lose the opportunity to make other offers the way it is now is more realistic to the nhl... trades are more spread out and the "deadline frenzy" starts really about a week and a half early as for CPU offers... if you…
  • i mean i tend to not fight in my BaP unless theres no choice, but i tend to just use the trick of dodge/pull get them low then one punch
  • so the youtuber xtech recently did a video on franchise mode and answered the question so for anyone wondering you will be able to use custom rosters for expansion drafts
  • one thing i like is that as players retire some will become scouts you can hire... can add a bit of story to your franchise
  • people actually listen to the audio when playing sports games? whether its nhl, madden, nba, or the show whenever i am playing im either blasting music or im talking to friends
  • i think i did one maybe two expansion franchises all year because of that... if you could use updated rosters i would of done a bunch
  • i just hope they fixed things so you can use an edited roster going into an expansion franchise
  • i am not talking about making players for an expansion team like in nhl 18 you could only use the default original roster for expansion if you go through the main menu and say move a player (lets say crosby) to washington, when you start an expansion draft will crosby be on washington or be back on the default roster
  • as someone who plays mostly franchise this new scouting/fog of war is amazing... it became so easy to build a winner under the old system
  • so we will be able to use updated/edited rosters to start a expansion? like if we add jack hughes to the draft it wont default to the original rosters
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