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  • I assume this is current players only? Myles Garrett Jadeveon Clowney Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah John Johnson III Denzel Ward Nick Chubb Jarvis Landry Wyatt Teller Joel Bitonio Jack Conklin David Njoku
  • Myles Garrett better be there. He's absolutely the most feared player in the NFL. But Jadeveon Clowney is right there with him. Need them both!
  • Thus far, "The 50" has been a huge disappointment to me. It's billed as the 50 most impactful players in Madden, which I take to mean the most overpowered players that have influenced the historic Meta. I assume we'll see Anthony Barr end up on this list. Maybe Brian Finneran or Earl Thomas will make the list? These are…
  • I agree with the OP, however I'd like to add that the High Lo concept is difficult to run out of traditional formations using a TE and RB because the defensive user is often able to guard both the hi and the low making each throw very dangerous in competitive play. I would like to see user mechanics have to pick which…
  • Still no drops. Using the Twitch Desktop App did not change anything.
  • There's more to this story. The Browns have some of the greatest Full Backs of all time. Jim Brown and Marion Motely, for example. Both were great on the field and off the field. Motely was one of the first Black Players in NFL history. Yet what are my choices at Full Back? Max Strong (from Seattle), Kyle Juszczyk (Ravens…
  • At Kraelo's suggestion during today's stream (for which I will never get drops for watching), I've downloaded the Twitch Desktop App and will use that during the next stream. We'll see what happens.
  • Since the cards are just skins. Why not just allow players to transfer the OVR and stats from a card like Bo Jackson to a "Theme Card" like Nick Chubb? Then EA still makes the same amount of money but we can all have our theme teams?
  • I watched the entire Derwin stream on Twich last night. Very entertaining but I still didn't get my crown this week. My account is linked and has been unlinked and relinked several times. The impact from this is significant to my MUT team. I really want Nick Chubb but now I'll have no way to obtain the card for my Browns…
  • I would love the ability to remove celebrations for my team in the settings window. Really hate seeing Nick Chubb dancing around (even when I don't choose for him to celebrate), or Barry Sanders doing Fortnite dances instead of just handing the ball to the official (which doesn't exist). It would be nice if we could at the…
  • I have concluded my conversation with EA Help Twitter regarding the fact that I watch all these streams but don't get drops. EA Help Twitter: "Unfortunately, as I can't see the streams in the tracker on your account, I cannot verify this. I can only advise you to unlink Twitch and re-link it to the account." I have already…
  • Just checked the FGA Roster for Browns players that EA should have the rights for: Bernie Kosar (QB) Clay Matthews (OLB) Ozzie Newsome (TE) Dennis Northcut (WR) Jim Brown (FB) Bill Willis (DT) Len Ford (DE) Greg Pruitt (RB) Gene Hickerson (G) Mike McCormac (T) Bobby Mitchell (WR/RB) Frank Gatski (C) Lou Groza (T/K) Leroy…
  • Thanks for the response. I only have one Twitch account. I have tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it, but that hasn't seemed to do anything. I'll give EA Help on Twitter a try.
  • Also, I purchased a game changer packs in the XBOX store yesterday. The points were deducted but I didn't get the packs. EA Help said it would be on my account today. So far, no packs. My feedback is that it should be much easier to submit a support ticket for these types of issues. I should be able to go to a single…
  • There are 16 former Browns on the NFL's HoF list. Most Notable: Earnest Byner (RB) Eric Metcalf (WR/KR/PR) Michael Dean Perry (DT/DE) Make it happen EA! These three dudes have to be in Madden 21. I need Michael Dean Perry blowing up double team blocks in the A Gap. I need to see Eric Metcalf haunting Pittsburgh theme…
  • There are things that need fixed, for sure. Here's a list of my top five issues with online play. This list is in no particular order. 1. The toxic community. I no longer allow people to message me, 99% of people that message me are telling me how lucky I am, that I'm "straight trash", or that I should never play the game…
  • No, I haven't seen an issue with the kick meter being harder to see. I noticed that this year the kick meter appears to be more random than last year and I'm missing more extra points and field goals, which is wonderful. Part of that may be that I have a poor kicker, but I'm hoping it's an actual change (as I believe Clint…
  • It depends on what you're trying to stop. Unfortunately the game has all kinds of dumb routes that break the stock coverage. The AI isn't smart enough to adjust, so you have to get the drops just right for the specific routes you're trying to cover with the AI. The best advice I can give (and this is not easy to do) is…
  • It's Split Slot PA Wheel Switch. Flip Play. Pass Block Left HB. The QB freezes until sacked.
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